THREADSPOTTING - Behind the Scenes!

It's the most... wonderful... day of the week! Threadspotting Day! And how do you play on such a Day? You send your Threadspots to dontcha know, and include your username and a photo! We'll highlight a bunch here and give you Street Team Points! Everybody wins!

Everyone and their granny sent this one in! It's Mister Mittens on Conan as part of his Big Adventure! Amazing!!!

Spotted by Lucy and Miriam, it's Training from the Lonely Island youtube channel! Great job!

Steve & Rolf found Rustic Hat Rack being worn by OxyClean dude Billy Mays' son on the show Pitchmen. Think we can get Billy to pitch the Booty Fruit tee?

It's the weekend, everybody! Let's hear some NOISE!


Watch this

Blast! I sent some in late last night.. too late for this week?!


Wha Whoo Wazoo! Yah NOISE!


ugghhh mine are never picked ;(


Wouldn't that be cool if Billy Mays' son became a blogger so we could all have him pass the message along to his dad to STFU?

That would be a close second to actually kicking him in the throat!

DesignbyProxy profile pic Alumni

You guys should watch that show... pitchmen. It actually portrays Billy Mays as a really normal seemingly down-to-earth guy.


martiandrivein you're kidding of course. unless there's two pitchemen shows and i don't know about the one you're watching.

spacesick 2

awesome week! and it's the ONE EPISODE of pitchmen that I missed


I have never heard of Pitchmen.

evan3 profile pic Alumni

so if i find a person in a clip or picture wearing threadless i will get STP?


My goal: get public access cable show. Wear Threadless shirts every day. Be the first to submit pics. Rake in the STPs. Collect more shirts. Repeat.

jstumpenhorst profile pic Alumni

wait a minute here! not that it is a huge deal or anything, but i think it is funny that Rolf and Steve are getting all the credit for finding Rustic Hat Rack when you are using the photo that i emailed in when i spotted it. I mean, that's my TV in the photo. whatever.

good spotting everyone.

jstumpenhorst profile pic Alumni

i just reread that comment and i know i seem angry but i'm not. i just find it really hilarious that my photo was used.

abeadle profile pic Alumni

he is taking his frustration out on donkey kong country


Grumble, my submission was blatently better, poor show


RIP Billy Mays

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