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Whatchoo Lookin\' At?

Make no mistake, this is my avatar, funkified and slapped on a turquoise tee. Wouldn't you just looooooove to rock this, girlfraaaaaaaannnnn? (boyfriend need not apply)


Watch this

Cute design. On first look I thought they were all little campfires. The hair looks like flames :-)


don't know why i like it, but i do...colors are great as is the tshirt works

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

that is inappropriate on Jun 20 '09
So sorry my design isn't a pop culture reference or a joke.

Dude, you're getting cynical about not winning, calm down before you self-destruct and turn away from Threadless all together, I've seen it before. Keep plugging away, I like your crazy sub craziness! This isn't something I'd wear, but i do enjoy the neverending amount of variety you put into the colors of your Threadface. Good luck dude!

that is inappropriate

It just irks me when someone makes such a stupid comment like "I don't get it." because they're so wired to look for the joke or meaning instead of scoring based on actual visual appeal.

I'm fine, no impending self-destruction here.


Wow i love this i almost never give a $ because i am very picky with what i wear but this is awesome (im watching this also)

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