who's with me?

Who thinks this is the best design of the day?
I really like the colors, and the design.

Watch this

It was my favorite, too. :)

ir0cko profile pic Alumni

yeah, only one i'd buy this week

P Shmoov

Yep, its my favorite this week.


well thats reasurring. I thought everyone was loosing their minds.
I guess people only blog about the controvesial ones now, or the ones they hate.
Why everyone gotta be drinking all that hateraide?


I really need a typing class.
Any one interested in giving lessons?


Hateraide! I hear it comes caffeinated now, in case you need that extra boost of energy.


it's attractive, but it's about as far away from my style as i can imagine. oh well, no spendin' doe this week i guess


yeah it more proficiantly fuels the rage.


i was gonna buy it.

then i realized how incredibly broke i am.


i dont like any of them that much...

Tonteau profile pic Alumni

Not a big fan. It's a niceish drawing, but not something I'd ever wear on a T-Shirt.


It reminds of the anglerfish one (maybe it's the same person - I'm to lazy to check). It just doesn't jump out and say help, humanity, or anything that I would associate with the red cross. If you don't know the title of the shirt ( and 99.9% of the people you meet won't) then it's a pointless shirt I feel for the RC contest, but as a shirt it's decent. More than I could ever do.



the red cross winning sub is a piece of cliche shit


i didn't know they had a navy color. they usually use denim or dark gray.


well from the comments I guess you are not the only one-

I dont like it. rather boring.


i agree with the angler fish comment. i thought it was an angler fish reprint when i was skimming the front page, actually. T_T


its good, but its not something i'd wear

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