HEATWAVE - The Cop Drama

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  • posted Jun 09, 2009

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Due to his frustrations of being considered the rookie, Sparks actually had purchased several bear claws and used them as traps for the Mendoza. As they were running away, they ended up slipping on the mine-field of bear claws and landing right in front of Johnson. Ending with the cuffs placed on Mendoza and Sparks earning the right to drive the vehicle as the new "experienced" officer.


I can only see the first 27 sec and then it hangs : (


Mendoza races around a corner and jumps into his getaway car only to discover that the leather seats are too hot to sit on as a result of being in the sun for hours. He therefore leaps out of the car and into the oncoming traffic. He's hit by a slow moving vehicle and is knocked down unconscious which is where Johnson and Sparks promptly find him.


The villans are seen running by in front of the car with the boxes when one drops and a bunch of bear claws fall out. Mendozza shoots him in the head and yeah thats it


Johnson & Sparks rush out of the car to pursue on foot in a "slow speed" chase. Just when Johnson finally thinks he has Mendoza cornered one of Mendoza's boyz drops a load of T-shirts on him and the rookie Sparks has to come in and save the day by tazering Mendoza who screams DONT TAZE ME BROOOOOOOO


~ Johnson & Sparks decide to chase the culprits [ thus bumbling out the car and spilling their coffee ] /
~ Johnson goes into the warehouse (w/toy gun?) still complaining about his bear-claw & see's Mendoza /
~ Sparks catches up only one fleeing suspect and proceed to slow-mo fight & gets mustache ripped off /
~ Johnson realizes Mendoza is "in" on the operation and you all write them some lines to say /
~ End with everyone eating doughnuts at a coffee all pals

== ok, this time I can't think of anything.. haha... but your intro is hilarious !


Johnson & Sparks pursue Mendoza & his cronies only for Johnson to be completely out of breath after running only a few steps. Sparks stops to check on Johnson who is now bent over at the waist and gasping for air.

"I cannot gasp... pursue these thugs gasp... without... breakfast! Why were they out of bear claws... WHY?!?!?!?" Johnson screams to the heavens as Mendoza and his thugs escape!

Scene fades...

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In his surprise, Johnson accidentally floors the car, speeding away. Mendoza runs right in front of the car and gets hit to the ground. Johnson and Sparks rush out and cuff him.


10 minutes later, the chief of police comes by and congratulates Johnson on a job well done. Johnson says he was just doing his job. The chief asks Sparks to go get him a donut.

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I must say, Festa's delivery on "We got 'em." actually made me choke.


Festa: Oh, man! Not again!
Nanna: I'll show you what a rookie can do.
He get out of the car, concentrate, and put a lamp ahead of the car. The trunk stops
Bad guy #1 (not the driver): Why are you doing? Why did you stoped the trunk?
Driver (bad guy #2): a lamp came out of nowhere! I'm scared! A lamp!
Bad guys #2 and #3: A lamp!?!?!
They run to the cops and ask them to close them up in jail, but that they have to protect them from the lamp.
Festa asks Nanna alone: How did you do that?
Nanna: That was My superpower: Summon a lamp, once. Now I'm powerless, but helping you don't getting fired worth it.


Haha, that was pretty sweet 'as is', but here's my idea:

Festa chases after Mendoza and co, while Nanna goes to check out the goods. He opens one of the boxes and gasps, saying 'it's a red herring!', before pulling out an actual fish and running off to catch up with Festa and Mendoza.

Cut to Mendoza and his diabolical chums in an alley. Festa has them at a dead end!

Festa: Where are the 'special herbs', Mendoza?

Mendoza, resigned, sighs and hands over a baggie of herbs. Festa smiles - a job well done.

Cut to everyone sitting around a table, as Nanna brings everyone coffee, as they enjoy a nice stuffed herring dish with herbs.



27 seconds. can't see more!


Johnson starts to cry because he's afraid that Mendoza will come and hurt him, so Sparks, disgusted at Johnson's behavior, leaves the car and darts toward the house that the Mendoza were unpacking the truck in. As Sparks quickly and slyly makes his way to the corner of the house the Mendoza are piling into the car shouting "Just forget 'em!", "Leave 'em there!". As the Mendoza rev the engine of the truck and start to pull away Sparks realizes the trunk of the truck is still open and a box is about to fall out. Thinking that it's a bomb Sparks jumps towards the falling box yelling "Nooooooo!' As the box falls to the ground it breaks open and several Threadless T-Shirts fell out. Relieved, Sparks shoots the tires out of the moving truck while other cops take the Mendoza away. The last scene has sparks confidently getting in the drivers seat of the car, while Johnson mopes into the passenger seat, for Sparks has won the title of "Veteran".

the other festa

Mendoza and his crew jump in the truck in an attempt to flee the scene...

Meanwhile, the bear claw delivery van is driving up the street, the driver, unaware of what is going down ahead of him, (and all the while singing ..."all my exes live in texas..." all of a sudden slams on the brakes of the delivery van but its too late, and crashes into Mendoza's truck, foiling Mendoza's get-away attempt.

Bear Claws go flying in the air as a result of the crash, a box of which land squarely in Johnson's lap...Johnson looks at Sparks and says, "you're off the hook...(dramatic pause)...THIS TIME"

Johnson and Sparks start laughing hysterically....Roll Credits.


"Let's get them!" they say simultaneously
then they start to chase them on foot. Johnson is ahead and you can see sparks fall in the background, immediately gets back up they chase the bad guys down a few alleyways and when they get too close they get a few threadless shirts chucked at them they put them on and they end up chasing the bad guys into a random child's b-day party. Johnson, Sparks, and the bad guys all get sucked into the party and all of them immediately forget what they were doing. They all act like chumps laughing and slapping each other on the backs. Then Sparks and Johnson end up playing hit the pinata and while they are doing this the bad guys elude them and leave the party. Johnson whacks the pinata and bearclaws fall out (which makes him giddy as a school girl), sparks then realizes that they lost the bad guys... Fin


The boxes are full of threadless shirts and Johnson and Sparks get to carried away looking at the awesome designs to chase the criminals!


scene opens on Johnson and Sparks still sitting in car waiting for the car alarm to shut itself up

Sparks: Wait - what're we doing still sitting here?
Johnson: You're right, Sparks - let's give Mendoza a dose of his own menicine.
Sparks: I think you mean medicine.
Johnson: That's what I said.
Sparks: ...just drive.

scene changes to Johnson & Sparks driving to chase down Mendoza and his crew who were silly enough to have abandoned the truck in part one - they run off into an alley

next scene shows Mendoza and crew hiding behind some boxes, and Johnson's car rolls by, not noticing them

Mendoza: phew That was a close one!
Sparks: Not close enough, by MY count.

scene shifts to Sparks, who was at the other end of the alley - he got the drop on Mendoza and crew. He has his gun in one hand and his coffee in another

Sparks: It's over, Mendoza.
Mendoza: Over? There's three of us, and one of you. What do you REALLY think you can do, copper?
Sparks: This.

Sparks throws his coffee at Mendoza, who screams from the heat, and gets into fisticuffs with the two flunkies

scene shifts to Johnson driving around

Johnson: Where the hell is Sparks? Oh, Johnson, I have a great idea he says. Johnson, don't worry, my plan will save the day, he says. Then he goes running off. A veteran would never leave his partner in the dark like this. Stupid rook...

Johnson is interrupted by Mendoza being flung into the street before him - he screechingly stops the car

Johnson: What the--

Sparks walks out of the alley, dusting himself off

Sparks: I love it when a plan comes together.

Sparks smiles - end of episode

Cock-Punch Jones

Chiefs calls them in the office for botching the stakeout and puts them on meter maid duty. They bicker about Johnson impending retirement. While on meter maid duty Sparks once again sees suspicious activity upon further investigation he and Johnson see Chief is actually the ringleader. They break up the delivery and look to see whats in the boxes. Its kids shirts. Johnson turns to the camera and hold one up and says "I'm too old for this shirt". Sparks pats him on the back and says "lets get that bearclaw".

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Odd, if you have HD off it stops at 27 seconds. I'm going to have to reconvert so it may be down for a few minutes...


mendoza runs by the unmarked car with a box of bear claws, grabs a coffee out of johnson's hand and gets into the getaway car and speeds off


with a couple bear claws flying out the window

freedom crow

"Hey!" Yelps in pain from the coffee dumped on his lap. "What the hell you do that for?" partner says "Shoot man there isn't a cop around wouldn't believe that you jumped from spilled coffee and hit the horn by accident. That's damned hot coffee!" Tell me about, (sob), I need a hospital". "What about the crooks? He looks at him with a crimson red face by this time "Partner do I look like I care?" "Next time could you please make it ice tea?"


Johnson and Sparks start to chase Mendoza and his cronies on foot. Scene goes back to truck with boxes. Some people walk buy and see all the abandoned boxes. They open them up to find stolen threadless shirts. They dont know what they are going to do with all the shirts so the take them down to the homeless shelter and give everyone a new shirt.

Meanwhile Johnson and sparks have lost Mendoza and his cronies and head back to the station. The chief fires both of them for being incompetent and they become homeless. They go down to the shelter and receive a new threadless tee.

The End


Sparks: Quick they're getting away drive after them!!

Johnson: Oh uh right.. I know I sit in the drivers seat but that's just to look good, I don't actually know how to..

Sparks: JUST DRIVE!!

A close up of foot on pedal and the car reversing into a pile of boxes. While the criminals are laughing at the stupid cops one of the cronies turns out to be an undercover guy and puts his hands on their shoulders while the criminals visably gulp.

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This is what happens, they all realise they've been SABOTAGED

I Can't Stand It, I Know You Planned It
Ima Set It Straight, This Watergate
I Can't Stand Rockin' When I'm In Here
'Cause Your Crystal Ball Ain't So Crystal Clear
So, While You Sit Back And Wonder Why
I Got This Fucking Thorn In My Side
Oh My God, It's A Mirage
I'm Tellin' Y'all It's Sabotage

So,So,So, So Listen Up 'Cause You Can't Say Nothin'
You Shut Me Down With A Push Of Your Button
But yo, I'm Out And I'm Gone
I'll Tell You Now I Keep It On And On

'Cause What You See You Might Not Get
And We Can Bet, So Don't You Get Souped Yet
Scheming On A Thing That's A Mirage
I'm Tryin' To Tell You Now It's Sabotage

Why; Our Backs Are Now Against The Wall
Listen All Of Y'all This Is Sabotage
Listen All Of Y'all This Is Sabotage
Listen All Of Y'all This Is Sabotage
Listen All of Y'all This Is Sabotage

I Can't Stand It, I Know You Planned It
I'ma Set It Straight This Watergate
I Can't Stand Rockin' When I'm In This Place
Because I Feel Disgrace Because You're All In My Face
But Make No Mistakes And Switch Up My Channel
I'm Buddy Rich When I Fly Off The Handle
What Could It Be, It's A Mirage
You're Scheming On A Thing That's Sabotage


okay here's a shorter ending shorter than my last one (at least it can be made into one, i think):

The alarm shuts off and Johnson screams, "They're making a break for it!"
Sparks then says, "Wait here" then scrambles from the car running in the opposite direction.
At this time Johnson is beside himself and he is still upset with sparks not getting a bear claw so he drives away and sets out to get one.
Cuts back to Mendoza and his gang running haphazardly through alleyways then cuts to sparks running everywhich way, then to Johnson coasting down the street thoroughly enjoying a fresh bear claw.
next it cuts to an alley where you can see the outlines of mendoza and his gang in the background. next (still in the same frame) you see a leg/foot slowly slide out into the alleyway. Mendoza and his gang approach and every single one of them trips over the mysterious leg. When Johnson arrives on the scene all the bad guys are unconscious and tied up, and sparks is there one foot on the heap of bad guys, hands on hips, reveling in his victory. then he says to Johnson... "How's that for a rookie?"
the scene ends w/a swirling newspaper with a headline in regards to the capture and a B&W pic of Sparks standing next to the truck, shaking his clenched fists in the air and Johnson with a perturbed look on his face


[[I have a few ideas for the very end, so stay tuned for the alternate endings!]]
Sparks cries "We can't let them get away! We have to do something!"
He and Johnson tear out of the car, in a slo-mo of them running with coffee cups in hand, music in the manner of "Chariots of Fire" playing. They both take gulps of their coffee like thirsty marathon runners as they persue the bad guys.
[[Ending 1]]
However, the music rips off the record, and they stagger to a halt, breathing heavily. Mendoza and his thugs jeer at them as they drive off. Johnson turns to Sparks and says
"See? That is what happens when I don’t get my bear claw!"
[[Ending 2]]
However, the music rips off the record, and they stagger to a halt, breathing heavily. Mendoza and his thugs jeer at them as they drive off, but just then Johnson sees a left behind partially-eaten… BEAR CLAW! He grabs it and takes a bite, then zooms in super-speed to the front of Mendoza's getaway car. There is a huge explosion, and Johnson comes out eating the bear claw. He says:
"And THAT is why I'm the Veteran."
[[Ending 3]]
However, Johnson and Sparks are running out of energy, so Sparks quickly throws his coffee cup at Mendoza, who screams pathetically. Mendoza's thugs come back to help him, and Johnson and Sparks take them all down in a style called "Dogpile." As Mendoza & Co are being carted away, he laughs maniacally and says
"The joke’s on you! Now those Threadless Tees will NEVER be delivered!" The laughter continues as the screen fades to black.
The End!


the cats from outer space land in their space ship - MEOWWWW!!! the cat army jump on mendoza and his cronies and overpower them with their strengths.
They go back with their catch to the surprised johnson and sparks telling "a cat has to do, what a cat has to do!"
johnson and sparks take mendoza and his cronies "thanks pussies!" and put them in the back of their car.
They say goodbye to the cats from outer space and the cats wish them "live long and prosper" - the space ship leaves! END! :)

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The villains round the corner and dart down a narrow alley from the bumbling cops.

(Cronie #1) - I think we gave them the slip.

(Mendoza) - I aint goin' back to no cooler. If those flats show their mugs again fill them full of day light!

Suddenly a bear pops out from behind the dumpster. There's a moment of pause, as both the cronies and the bear seem equally surprised to be running into each other.

Johnson and Sparks round the corner to find the bear mauling Mendoza and his cronies.

(Johnson) - I guess we found some bear claws after all.

Johnson and Sparks start laughing out loud.

// cut to credits //


Johnson: Let's get 'em (guns engine, not realizing car is still in neutral/park)

Behind the car a group of robbers are just exiting the donut shop. Alerted by the noise of the revving engine they run off in the other direction colliding face first into Mendoza's gang. Johnson and Parks exit the car and look over the unconscious criminals.

Sparks: Looks like too crimes don't make a right. (laughs knowingly)

Johnson: Go get me a donut! (points to restaurant)

Freeze frame. Roll Credits.


Mendoza takes off through the alleyway as Sparks, the eager-to-please rookie, exits the car and gives chase.

Sparks dodges garbage cans and cardboard boxes that Mendoza throws behind him as they run Point Break-style through the neighborhood -- pausing only briefly when Mendoza reaches into his pocket to toss a Bearclaw back at him.

Cut to Johnson driving around the block, yelling to Sparks on his CB and drinking his coffee before realizing it's too hot.

Cut back to Sparks’ pursuit down the alley.

Mendoza turns a blind corner to see Johnson waiting for him outside the idling squad car. Mendoza pulls a switchblade and Johnson throws his hot coffee in Mendoza's face. (Cue awesome sizzling sounds).

Mendoza staggers around screaming. Pushing Johnson to the ground while trying to escape. Sparks appears from around the corner, tears off his mustache and throws it (ninja-star style) at the feet of Mendoza -- tripping him directly into the open back window of the squad car.

Johnson, getting up, dusting himself off, “ ’Told you that thing would come in handy.”

Johnson and Sparks laugh boisterously and the scene freezes at the peak of their awesome high-five. The Heat Wave title zooms out of the apex of their power-five.


Sparks: Dammit Johnson! Who's the rookie now?

Voice over: Disappointed by their loss of Mendoza and completely forgetting about all the valuable merchandise, our two heroes are forced to retreat to another coffee shop with bear claws, to console their loss of Mendoza.

Cut to Mendoza and his gang running around a corner and stopping.

Mendoza (panting): Well boys, I think we escaped. Unfortunately all the merchandise was left behind and I'm sure the pigs are all over it by now. The only thing that would make this day better would be a couple of bear claws.

Enter Mendoza into the coffee shop where Johnson and Sparks are sitting. Johnson and Sparks spring from their seats and arrest the crooks.

Johnson: See Rookie, I told you we needed bear claws.

Aqueous Messages

Sparks: Well that's just great. How could this get any better?

[In the same shot, a female officer in uniform walks up to Sparks' side of the car. She stops near the window and starts writing a ticket]

Johnson: Wh- What are you-?

Female officer: Vehicular hobo ordinance. You're parked too close.

[Cut to hobo sitting on the sidewalk. He sits up, smiles, and waves]
[Johnson and Sparks bother start to banter but are cut off by the officer]

Female officer: [In a dull tone] Gentlemen, I don't make the laws. I just enforce them yada yada have a good day.

Johnson: Oh, forget this! [Johnson put the car into gear and drives off before the officer can put the ticket on the windsheild]

[Enter epic car chase where Johnson runs down all three men with the vechile. The last person to be run down is Mendoza who was carrying the box. Once hit, the box goes flying to scatter about bear claws]

[Cut to Johnson resting against the driver side window with a coffee in one hand and a bear claw in the other]

Johnson: Ah, yes. Justice. That's what's been served here today.

Sparks: [off stage in a panicy, loud tone] I don't think we were suppose to injury them, Johnson!

Johnson: Mmhmm, you can smell it the air

Sparks: I'm pretty sure this guy's dead!

Johnson: Just one man doing his duty towards humanity.

Sparks: Oh my God! This man's liver is coming out his bellybutton! I did not sign up for this!

Johnson: And I even got my bear claw. [He bites down on the bear claw and smiles as he looks off into the distance in a heroic way]

-End scene


Sparks says" Good Job Johnson! Now they're getting away!" Then Johnson says "Not if I can help it... Ive worked too LONG and too HARD to put Mendoza down and now its time to make things happen... "Johnson starts the car, peels out and takes off spilling hot coffee everywhere. They are then chasing the truck that Mendoza was unloading but now the back of it is still open and boxes are flying out at them, One hits the window and bear claws fly everywhere... one of them right into the lap of Johnson. Then the light goes on in his head and he looks to Sparks and says, "I knew it! Mendoza is buying up all the bear claws intown to sell them on the black market to (insert funny country) where tasty bear claws are illegal." Then for no apparent reason Mendoza's truck starts slowing down and sputtering. Turns out he's out of gas... So Sparks jumps out of the car with Johnson right behind him. They jump, scuffle and arrest Mendoza. Then you see Johnson in the background sneakily unloading a box or two into the trunk of his police car...


Sparks says" Good Job Johnson! Now they're getting away!" Then Johnson says "Not if I can help it... Ive worked too LONG and too HARD to put Mendoza down and now its time to make things happen... "Johnson starts the car, peels out and takes off spilling hot coffee everywhere. They are then chasing the truck that Mendoza was unloading but now the back of it is still open and boxes are flying out at them, One hits the window and bear claws fly everywhere... one of them right into the lap of Johnson. Then the light goes on in his head and he looks to Sparks and says, "I knew it! Mendoza is buying up all the bear claws intown to sell them on the black market to (insert funny country) where tasty bear claws are illegal." Then for no apparent reason Mendoza's truck starts slowing down and sputtering. Turns out he's out of gas... So Sparks jumps out of the car with Johnson right behind him. They jump, scuffle and arrest Mendoza. Then you see Johnson in the background sneakily unloading a box or two into the trunk of his police car...


Mendoza and company dash to the getaway car, only to find a troublesome alarm had been set off by Johnson's horn. Mendoza and company frantically pass the electronic car key, everyone failing to turn off the alarm. The noisy endeavor heats up to shouts and wails, until finally everyone gives up and bursts out in tears.

Meanwhile, Johnson and Sparks have a box of tissues out and Sparks grabs for one. They discuss their relationship as tears fall down their faces (car alarms still sounding).
Johnson: (bawling) I.. didn't e-ven want the pastry. I just wanted to know someone loved me.
[Johnson and Sparks' eyes (still crying) meet for an uncomfortable 6 seconds]

Both groups-- in tears-- decide to seek comfort in pastries.
(Sparks: [wipes away his tears] Whadaya say we go find ourselves some bearclaws?)

Both groups sulk to the nearest pastry shop with their heads down in sadness, meeting there at the same time. The cops and criminals put their differences (and their jobs) aside and feed each other doughnuts in slo-mo with victorious music in the background (Johnson still weeping, but now with a smile).


Newscaster: This just in today ladies and gentlemen. At 12:30pm this afternoon, one of the biggest narcotic trades in history was carried off at a local warehouse. The two officers who were suppose to be carrying out warehouse surveillance were actually at the wrong address and witnessed a truck team unloading the newest shipment of t-shirts for a popular t-shirt company. There were no comments by either of the officers.


The van squeals away, dropping boxes everywhere. Sparks reaches over Johnson and forcibly takes the wheel, pushing Johnson's knee down to hit the gas and gets hauling after them!

Johnson gets angry at being co-opted and tries to push him off, starting a girly, hand-slappy catfight between them as they're flying down the highway dodging boxes through pure luck. Without noticing it, they actually overtake Mendoza, who looks on dumbstruck as they come up to pass him!

Right before they get close, however, Johnson stops the slap-fight and calms down, still not noticing that they're neck and neck. He grabs his coffee from the holder, sips it, and then roars that it's WAY TOO HOT! and throws it out the window....right through Mendoza's window and into Mendoza's face! The truck comes to a roaring stop and the boys of the badge are able to get him.

You see? Johnson says, very satisfied with himself. I'm the veteran!


Sparks sits up, pulls gun from his coffee cup. "The rookie, am I?" With the other hand, he tears off his mustache- "Or have I really been MENDOZA all along? Now, get out of this car, or the REAL Sparks gets it!" He gestures toward the real Sparks, handcuffed on the side of the street. Johnson gets out as the accomplices dive in to the backseat, tearing off their mustaches, and calling "Way to go, Mendoza!" As the back doors slam shut and lock, Mendoza slaps his mustache back on, revealing that HE HAS BEEN THE REAL SPARKS ALL ALONG. He leans out the window and calls to his partner, who has the REAL real Mendoza in a headlock, "You're right, Johnson. This plan worked perfectly! Now let's take them in." He drives off.


Mendoza and his cronies come peeling around the corner, attempting to stop what they think is someone stealing a car (they aren't all bad). As they get close to the car, Johnson and Sparks pop up, and Mendoza yells "Its a trap".
As Mendoza and his cronies turn around to run, an unsuspecting cyclist with a box of donuts is riding by and hits Mendoza. Donuts fly everywhere, Johnson catches a flying bear claw, takes a bite, begins to handcuff Mendoza, and turns to Sparks and says "And you best believe I had that planned all along."


did i win yet?


Two female officers near the scene arrest Mendoza and his posse for Jay-walking. The posse tries to flee but the officers catch them after a slow motion chase, and put them in the car. While heading downtown they discover they have just caught the illustrious criminals. When they reach downtown they are greeted by Johnson and Sparks with bearclaws and coffee.


Johnson starts the car and floors the gas, taking off after the culprits. As he takes a very sharp left turn Sparks coffee flies out of his open window and drenches a karmically deserving Mendoza. Who stops out of concern for his t-shirt, now coffee-stained, and tries to tide-to-go the stains out. He is arrested and while confiscating the stolen shirts Johnson uncovers an untouched bear-claw in the truck.


Sparks: Should we chase them?

Johnson: (sighs) No ... no ... whatever. C'mon. Let's go get that bearclaw.

Montage of Johnson and Sparks going through a doughnut store looking for bearclaws.


Johnson stares angrily at Sparks for about 5 seconds

He then says, angrily, THIS NEVER WOULD HAVE HAPPENED IF YOU GOT ME MY DAMN (As he says damn, hits horn with fist again) BEAR CLAW

He then yells, GO, GO GET ME MY BEAR CLAW, and makes Sparks get out of the car, again. He then says, to himself, after Sparks is out of camera range,

Ugh, useless rookies. cant do ANYTHING right.


After seeing Mendoza and his cronies leave, Johnson and Sparks head over to the dropped packages. Johnson, taking the intiative opens one of the boxes to find strange coloured smoke billowing out into his face. The event leaves Johnson confused and worried. Sparks looking out for his partner asks if he is alright. As Johnson looks up at Sparks, he finds that Spark's head has turned into that of a bearclaw, with the mustache still intact. As Johnson advances to take a bite of Spark's head, Spark's lets out at the top of his lungs.. "MENDOZAAAAA!" while fending Johnson off.

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