Bike Session 101

  • by Scholtzz
  • posted Jun 08, 2009

Hi there..!

Please let me know what you think... any critique is welcome... Also let me know if my design falls with in the rules...


Watch this

Hi there..!

Please let me know what you think... any critique is welcome... Also let me know if my design falls with in the rules...



Even though there is a lot going on in the design, it all looks pretty polished and finished, not too messy.


Wow. This is one heck of a design, and I think the color combinations are perfect. I'd say, submit it! (:


Really awesome design...I would spend good money for a T-shirt like this. Submit it...:)


Thnx all...

Do you think its to big..?


I'd buy it.


Awesome. Looks like some of the Fox designs, but sicker.


Wow this is cool. Maybe could add some detail on the bottom white part or rub off those white part. And i think this should be put on the front.


Great idea Scholtzz, really like it!


Some ideas from one of my friends:

Remove drop shadow
Make white grunge/brush effect at the back smaller
clean up the big bike, make it less grungy

@Helloleong, I have been struggling with the front back thing for awhile... I really like the spikes coming over the shoulders to the front, but I don't know if it is possible to print it like that...


Thnx all for comments


I really like it. its wicked, Only suggestion would be to put something on the front like a small logo or a bike or im not quite sure but it doesn't seem right that all the design work is on the back. You want to give people a taste for your design on the front first, invite them to look to the back.


Thnx... uploading reworked version...


New Version yeah..! I basically reverted back to the original design, version 0... Cleaned up the big bike, removed the drop shadows, turned the red thingies at the top around, made the white brush effect at the top smaller...

Let me know your thoughts please..!

Alicia Fuentes

Hmm, very interesting and dynamic!
I don't know... you could maybe improve it reducing the colours on the star, the effect of the transparence is too appealing, now that you removed the shadow on the character.
And that's a very small thing, but u could work a bit more on the second character's wheels, hehe, that's the only thing I can see that could be better.
Hope it helps! Good luck with it!!


Thanks for your comments on mine.

I've hit the 'Submit This' button. I think it's there!


There's just one little thing and its a cleaning up problem. On the bottom there is one little white speck and on the top between the black pointed things there's a white spot. just go around your design and then send it it cuz its great!


Wow @JP_designer... you have a good eye..!

Thnx @Alicia Fuentes and @paulgriffin..

will work on the final touches to night...


It took me a solid minute to figure out where the guys head is, on the bigger bike. Can you make the handle bars any more pronounced?
Really love it otherwise!


@colorm3rainbow ... will do my best..!


im not a fan of the outlines on the foliage stuff. it makes it look too clean when everything else is rough. and i agree that the smalle biker needs some other detail. but the overall-ness is really cool. very well done!

could you look at mine?


Looks cool. Maybe try in on black?


i like the rough textures in the background..but they're a bit conflicting with the other sharp layers.. i'd like to see how it would look without the wolverine claw marks ;) and minus the transparent star in the middle ..i know it gives that exploding effect but maybe tone it down a notch, simple is sexy


It's a cool looking shirt, but the Main Bike guy needs some cleaning up. Thats it. Maybe it's a case of filling in the shadow areas with balck instead of leaving it tranparent


think this is cool :]
have you tried some other colors for the design?
maybe yellow or something just to see what it looks like?
other than that i had trouble noticing the bikers altogether, until i read the comments! they didn't jump out initially - but i still love it!!!


it's so hot. i like it


the main biker guy looks kind like a mutant just the way the trace worked. his face/helmet just ends up looking kinda buggish, maybe try working on that a bit

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