Copied Threadless prints..

Watch this

the whoiam skirt is pretty dodgy looking...


oh geez ... that's too bad cuz their other stuff is cute


i hate people who steal. and try to sell their stolen goods.


Welcome to pathetic but talented.


...teeny tiny super guy?!?

If yes, I think I love you.

If no, I apologise for this outburst.


^^holy shit, i must be reminded what thats from this very moment!


i hope you emailed the staff (if not, I am)

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i cant view the photos... al i see is the (image hostedby angle fire) bullshit

Guy LaDouche

i remember that walking glass. not sure what hes from though.

i carnt spel

They might be weraing a law suit tomorrow

i carnt spel

oh and pinksabbath just became my hero


i'm just suprised that threadless has become so popular they make designs into icons, other shirts, wallpapers, tattoos, and even grafitti.


actual quote from their page

"welcome to cellar door productions.
we don't break boundaries, we create them"


they are in high school


Umm...I don't think that slogan came out quite right for them, LOL.


nooo... i'm on their site right now. i feel so sorry for them if we close down their little bussiness. maybe threadless can tell them to remove the threadless stolen designs. from what i seen they created most of the stuff by hand.

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Im flattered...apparently freehanded.


Actually, I was appalled by all of this and I got them to remove all of their threadless stuf f and some other material that was stolen. They sincerely apologized and claimed that all of those were "special ordered". But they are indeed sorry and took it down promptly.


hahahaha how lameeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee



It's understandable it could happen if they're doing custom work, I suppose. Someone sends them the image and asks them to reproduce it, but still, they should research it a bit and know if it's copyrighted. I don't think they really intended to do threadless or the artists harm.


You guys are ridiculously harsh.

It's like one time I made a Ween shirt-- I didn't even copy it off Ween merch, I just made it myself-- and rabit Ween fans sent me 5 billion emails about how I was ripping off the band because I had a lyric from their song written on the shirt. It was so pathetic. Like why can't people just get a life.

Anyway 5 thousand years ago every LJ stencil DIY wackbag was ripping Threadless designs. Big whoop. They're just kids and it's just for fun and it's not a freakin' rip-off empire or something. Relax.


hey - like this one time in junior high, i made a large back patch for my jean jacket with Testament's "souls of black" image - hand-painted, based off/not copied directly - i never got any shit for it - cuz those were the days of DIY punk and stoner concert-t-with-jeans as a uniform (this was before the internet, and large highly-detailed images were readily available for anyone to swipe and transfer)

why was that OK, and this isn't?
- i made ONE, for personal use
- i never sold it, or made money off it (in fact i still have it)

- they are making MULTIPLE copies (as ordered)
- they are SELLING reproductions of copyrighted work

if they want to do other DIY fashions and sell them, fine - but they can't reproduce copyrighted images for profit
if the images were brought in by other people, and they truly didn't know, and they agreed to take those images off their site, and not make any more - that's all i'm asking for

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it's a different situation kissingaudrey, they are ripping off the designs and profitting from them. were you selling your diy shirts?

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