Like Father Like Son

  • by razor165
  • posted Jun 04, 2009

Watch this

It's kind of sweet, but could use a little more work imo. Anyways, it looks best on gray :)


This one creeps me out for some reason... I don't know why but I can't help but think something inappropriate is going on! lol. Also, if no one ever used that flash template ever again I would be SO HAPPY! ;D


Very suave, and weird, and cool. I like it a lot.


why is the adult grabbing his crotch while looking at a kid??!


He's got his hands on his hips! I'm not sure stick figures even have crotches.

Anyway, I'm a fan.


i don't get it, but it's really cute and i like the clean look


i'm with kitters- it does look a tad um... inappropriate. but a cool design nevertheless


thanks for the comments. it was just a sketch i liked that didn't really have a concept but definitely nothing inappropriate though i guess it could be taken that way! the bigger one is suppose to have his hands in his pockets by the way haha

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