One second...

Ok....long term bloggers introduce yourself here!

I realised that as of yet, i have not introduced myself to the threadless people; even though i have been a member for several months now.

Well, my name is party rings/hat/face/people/ballons/mix/punch/animal ect.

I am from sunny england, have an unlucky black cat called Mungo and i like egg mayo.

I smell like chlorine all the time, apparently.

I dont think i really want to smell like a walking swimming pool all my life, so, if any of you guys are rich, i will happily resign from my job, marry you and become a lady of leisure.

Thanks x

p.s. yes i realise i am not a 'long term' blogger.
this blog was not originally for you guys to introduce yourselves, just everyone did so i changed the name.
so shutta your face.

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i never introduced myself either.

Bramish profile pic Alumni

I never introduced myself formally.

I just blogged incessantly until people eventually felt obliged to recognise me.

Maybe it's an English thing.



introduce yourself here now!

Bramish profile pic Alumni

Hi, I'm from England.

I like to drink and say rude things.


Hi... I'm Kayce.

that's it.

Okay am I done now?

Bramish profile pic Alumni

Hi kayce!


no no, let me start over.


i've never introduced myself either.

tesco profile pic Alumni

I'm Janet, I work in Homebase as a supervisor. I enjoy long walks, cheeses and power ballads.


my first post consisted of me talking like i am illiterate and buying JC was a Streaker.


Hello, my name is nora, there is nothign interesting about me.

bananaphone profile pic Alumni

I am Matt
I live in Brisbane, Australia
I don't live in Sydney because I don't feel like it has a soul.
I draw weird things, I have taught design and photography, and just because i draw weird things doesn't mean I am a poor designer. I save the weirdest shit for non commercial projects.
I've played most sports, and I am tall.


My name is Deborah, I come from Scotland, where I live with my boyfriend and two guinea pigs. I'm a librarian, who loves photography and making things. I also like to bake, knit and sew (I have a 1960 singer sewing machine). I have a slight obsession with adidas trainers, and I go clubbing too much.

fc gravy

my bro smells like chlorine too :S

whats up wiv dat???


where does your brother work/live?

or does he have a cheap deodorant?


Hey, I'm Kayce, I'm a graphic design student... and I am interested in "things."


My name is Katie. I'm originally from New York, but I have lived in Georgia for about half my life. I study international affairs at Georgia Tech, but this year I'm studying at Strathclyde in Glasgow. I also like to bake. I spend most of my money on books...

Ok, that's enough then.


Oh and I live in NC. Bah.

pilihp profile pic Alumni

hi. my name is phil and i am a digital arts junkie from san diego.


I'm Hannah. I hate school but love learning.

fc gravy

ever since my bro strted to wrk at waitrose he strted to emit that funny odour...?


hi my name is danka, my nick name is oposum and that is one animal. that animal and i dont have enything in coment... ..
i hate spelling .......i live in Belgade...


waitrose is posh

they dont have funny odours do they?

fc gravy

i dunno? i'm more of a sainsburys person myself :P


hello, my name is Matt.
I live in MA, go to UMass-Amherst.
I like to run and listen to music.
i am undeclared, soon to be a philosophy and communications major.
i enjoy power ballads as well tesco.

So now I come to you, with open arms
Nothing to hide, believe what I say
So here I am with open arms
Hoping youll see what your love means to me
Open arms


Katie-That will be why you recognised my photographs of strathclyde uni campus :)

staffell profile pic Alumni

Alicia, 17 years old, hi!


hi, i'm SWF
looking for love in all the wrong places.
i'm crude, rude, lewd, and socially unacceptable.
i like long walks on the beach, lots of jewelry, flowers every day, romantic candlelit dinners, cuddling by the fireplace, putting on ghastly amounts of make-up, and wearing 4-inch stilettos while cruising the local malls.
i also love sitting on my arse and watching soap operas all day, whilst stuffing my face with bonbons.
if you're in need of the perfect girl, quick, run the other way, because i'm the epitome of high maintenance.


whut'd i do this time???

Bramish profile pic Alumni

That 3rd line is certainly true.


oh, is it??


you're a long term blogger?

staffell profile pic Alumni

January is not long term! Null and void!


hi! i like cheese.


i'm nicole, i'm 2o years old, i go to cal state northridge studying english literature. i'm very anxious to leave california and start graduate studies somewhere on the east coast (likely boston) but unfortunately that won't be until next year. i procrastinate, i am kind of shallow, and i'm almost as high maintenance as littlem. i have secret domestic tendencies. i spend all of my money on clothing, shoes, books, and jewelry for my big earholes.

.moto. profile pic Alumni

my name is tom. i'm doing my gcses at the mo. i live in Cambridge. Will be going to 6th form (one of the best!) after the summer(hopefully) to study Mordern history, Art, History of Art and Photography.


i'm not really a long term blogger

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