Teabag loves hot water

To all those tea-lovers!

The design can be shrunk, enlarged or repositioned.

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To all those tea-lovers!

The design can be shrunk, enlarged or repositioned.


Someone already submitted this. Or was that you? Cause it looks exactly the same. The coloring is just different.


way to rip recycled wax's style


FreckeTiff, do you have a link to them? Because this is 100% mine, I'd like to know if I've been stolen or something :/ Thanks!

Brentendo: recycled wax?


I also remember the same concept a week or two ago, but I like the art better in this one (from what I can remember). It's a subject that could easily be inadvertently repeated without intending to copycat anyone... what tea drinker hasn't wished they were in the place of their tea bag on a really cold day?? ;D Easy enough to see the tea bag as enjoying the dip.


Kitters: I'm not able to prove it, but this drawing has been done two years ago (by mouse). It's just recently that someone suggested to me to submit it to Threadless, and there later a friend linked me to Recycled Wax's design, which is really nice.

I don't see where there's a "rip-off".. Many friends and other people can tell you I did this drawing in 2007. February if I recall :P

Thanks for the comment!


The art is a bit different but the t bag character is exactly the same


FreckleTiff: but mine is a teabag, and Recycled wax's a coffee..
I'm sorry but I'm adamant that if brentendo haven't talked about Recycled Wax, and a friend gave me a link, I wouldnt even know about it. :)

Tomasappleton: I bet he is! ;)


But tragically he'll loose his flawor by the minute...


Oh me garlies, I want to give the tea-bag a hug... o-o
This is definitely something I'd get for all of my crazy tea-drinking friends.


But first! I need it to be voted and printed :)


Adorable, I love the face.


That's just about as adorable as War and Peas! win.


love it!


would have been nice to see him in a jacuzzi. oh hang on that's been done.


Well it's kinda hard to build a jacuzzi in a teacup.

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