I saw threadless in the supermarket

I spotted my first threadless shirt in public today, I was shopping in my local coles and I see this guy wearing the Stone Jungle shirt (I was wearing Electromagnetic Spectrum) .
So I say to him, Love Threadless and a smile and he just stopped looked at me and went right past with no comment :( :(

Watch this

That's because he's ignorant and probably bought it at some store in the trendy area of your town with asking where it came from.


aww i'm sorry. what a jerkhead.


maybe he was shy?

ir0cko profile pic Alumni

you should've thrown an orange at his head


i'm always too shy to point out a threadless T incase i get this sort of response. People suck!


I've generally had great responses when I've spotted threadless shirts. Granted, it's always been guys in night clubs, and we usually end up chatting for a bit. I'm always a little bit worried that I'll get a blank look though.


If only they'd reprint it : /


Yeah, had the same experience... Fuckers.

sophie the ocelot

I had the same problem with a kid at school. I decided to exact revenge by destroying his locker and stealing his lunch money every day for the rest of the semester. Or at least I wish I had.


ive seen a few people around here with them on. but they also, did not comment on it. i had on Bunnies one time and Radios the other. he had a shirt that was from the 12 club too!


It might have been given to him as a gift.

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