Frickin' bothersome.

Why is every fucking t-shirt around here emo in the worst way? Where is your creativity and where is your cleverness? I know I know, I expect too much of you. But please people, at least vote the good ones into print.

Watch this

which ones are the good ones?

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says the girl wearing 'flowers in the attic' coughoneofthemostemoshirtherecough


'Doin my Best" is a tad emo too.

I love emo shirts. Emo sells. Duh.


As well as the classic emo wide-framed glasses.

As for emo shirts, The Used competition. Nuff said.


Hey Arielle, what the fuck is a hipster? Please, educate me.


Alright, perhaps I should have been more clear. "Emo in the worst way" meaning completely unoriginal and all the same design and/or idea. I'm not totally against emo as long as it's original and well-executed... and not completely cheesy. That's a big one.

Oh, and how is "Doin my Best" emo? I found it far more morbid.


if you think everything is overdone even when it obviously isn't, why don't you submit a shirt to one of the competitions that follows the theme and we'll tell you how much you failed. ok?


hahah this is the first time i have seen mean stuff said on here..


I was wearing "Break Free" and got told I look emo.


I really, really hate emo too.


YOU SHOULD HAVE SLAPPED THEM! Break Free is so incredibly not emo.

Bah, the emo kids are runining everything by wearing non-emo clothing. Damn them all.

Ady bear

cause i'm english and i posed an emo question the other week i'm a bit confused.

what the hell would someone into emo wear anyways,i've got no idea.
nobody's called me emo when i wear one of me tops,i just get funny looks or people saying me tshirts cool.


Well, I could be wrong, but I believe uh, Emo is an old wooden ship that was used during the civil war era.

pardon my paraphrase.


How the hell is Russel! How's Yer Ma? emo?

You're a fucking joke.


Essentially, late 1990s counter-culture and the obession to be in touch with one's "emotions" while retaining individualized values equates to emo. The term gets thrown around like "punk" did in the 80s, and used incorrectly (see this thread).

ex: "I'm wearing this shirt of a child hanging from a tree because I want to communicate to you that I feel this way..." -- in reality, it's more of a social wave of droned out teenagers looking for acceptance.

I'm just as sick of self-absorbed suburbia leaching it's way into my threadless. We don't care how unique and random you are. It's a facade, and hopefully you'll wake up and see how horrible you really are inside.

How's that for emo?


i endorse the previous message. well said. although I never enjoyed emo, you "new emo" kids don't know who rites of spring or lifetime were... so shut it. you're the NEW nu-metal fans.


emo today is something you can buy at the mall.

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haha! that animation's awesome...


Very cool RobSoul! :)


arielle has a snatch the size of all of texas!


"You arn't allowed to say you're better, 'cause you're the hipster type"


emo is another work for homosexual.


self-absorbed suburbia... woah, yer deep.


wa'ah wa'ah wa'ah somebody is critiqueing people for following a trend associated with whiney teenagers wa'ah wa'ah lets all take it personaly and assume shes a bitch whore because she critiques people for makeing shirts that are replications of whats popular in a music scene of crying .

fuck, you guys are just as emo as she says. grow the fuck up and take the criticism better.



a tee shirt is a tee shirt, get over it.

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i'm with TFM. i draw stuff, that's all. if it looks like it belongs to any movement it's just a coincidence. threadless know what sells and that's what they print, if the market is all punk kids then i guess they print the shirts those kids want.


eskimokiss FUCK That's the first thing I thought when i saw the title & the flowers in attic shirt picture.

Well, if everything is to "emo" for you than create your own fucking t shirt and submit it

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Why does everyone have masks now?
That just ruins Stuck with Pins-esque.
: (



I think there is a new SARS


Maybe they're just copying outbreak girl...and not you.

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Did I say they were copying me?


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