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  • by ISABOA
  • posted May 18, 2009

Way back when, there was this evil dude named Minos who was also the king of Crete. This evil dude was evil cause he made all sorts of demands on other greek lands - sacrificial demands. Well the Bad king got his hands on a Man-Beast (half man half BULL) and wanted to use him to terrorize and such but he needed a cage that could hold him.

So he kidnapped a guy named Daedalus who was a scientific wizard, a builder - like Doc Brown he was makin flux capacitors. The evil king Minos also stole away Daedalus's son Icarus, just to be a jerk.

Daedalus built King Minos the Labyrinth, A network of passages and dead ends. Filled with lots of stony corners for the Minotaur to smash peoples heads against.

Well Daedalus got into some trouble with the King cause he helped the Kings good daughter Ariadne with some wicked string that she used to help a dude named Theseus kill the Minotaur (don't worry that story is filled with woe too)

Daedalus and his son were in trouble and King Minos was probably gonna come down on them with a hellstorm of old Grecian fury. So Daedalus was smart and fashioned an escape plan. He made two sets of mechanical wings. One for himself and the other for his son. Unfortunately he had limited materials and had to use wax to put it all together. Not a big deal, he and his son just needed to fly across some dangerous water on a sunny day. Icarus must have been a bit dense or maybe he just zoned his dad out all the time cause despite being warned he totally flew up high too close to the sun and his wings fell to pieces.

Daedalus watched him fall and disappear under the water never to be seen from again.

Daedalus managed to get away to mainland Greece. King Minos pursued him but then got trapped in one of Daedalus's best plans... DEADLY HOT BATHWATER - in the end Minos Had to work his tail off in Hades Judging the damned and Daedalus got to kinda live out the rest of his life making stuff.

Thanks threadless voters, staff and everybody who buys this shirt. And always remember to pay attention to the instructions.

I actually made a process blog back when I drew this shirt up - you can find it here

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Malcolm Man

congrats dude!!!! This look amazing!

jess4002 profile pic Alumni

congrats! way to go, joe! :D


It is beautiful! Congrats!!!

Robsoul profile pic Alumni

yeah, definitely a great print and joe looks so buff in that picture. I think he's been working out.

ISABOA profile pic Alumni

thanks y'all


way to go Joe!


Will they make this a poster?
I really really really want this as a poster!

igo2cairo profile pic Alumni

Congrats Joe! So glad they printed this awesome design. Also agree wit Stationrat and hope a poster print is soon to follow. :)


look at all your prints now!


My dad used to tell me all these stories when I was a little girl and Icarus was by far my favorite. Congrats! I will be buying this.

tracerbullet profile pic Alumni

that was the best retelling of that myth ever

emeryg profile pic Alumni

Nice work Joe! Looks unreal...

emeryg profile pic Alumni

I just saw your surname is Carr (should have known from your Alan Carr comment) but how cool is that - Bart Simpson could ring up Moe's Tavern one day & ask for you "Is Joe Carr there please"? Haha :)


thank you for making an accurate icarus
i love it

ISABOA profile pic Alumni

thanks for all the kind comments!

emeryg - yeah, i have had a couple accusations of prank calls in my life.


Absolutely gorgeous design/print.


As if this shirt weren't sweet enough you follow it up with the coolest summery of the story of Icarus I've ever heard. You should make a blog where you summarize Greek mythology. I would totally read it. Congratulations on your design, it looks spectacular.

empiricist profile pic Alumni

Congrats, this is one of my favorite desings ever!


And it all made for a great Iron Maiden song.

Distant Horizon

I love this one. Beautiful design. So does the successful artist have any advice for a newbie? I am just getting started...


awesome shirt...the girl model is totally beutiful


I freaking love this shirt! If they had the size I need in stock, I'd buy it for $25 bucks or more anyday! :/ BUMMER!


By far my favorite shirt I've ever seen on Threadless. I've bought over 35 shirts, and have been a threadless maniac for a while.


Keep up the good work!


PLEASE MAKE A PRINT IF POSSIBLE!!! I want to hang this in my room SO BAD!! I love Greek mythology and this is absolutely, whimsically, gorgeous!!


Mine and my boyfriends year anniversary is coming up, and he's somewhat of a threadless fanatic.
He tried so hard to get this shirt, but by the time he got his paycheck it was too late. I know he would be so psyched if I somehow managed to get it for him.

Please reprint this. I know would mean the world to him.


XD I love the way you tell the story


awesome design (wish it was in different colors)

ISABOA profile pic Alumni

On silver!!


This time, I will own this.


It is a damn shame that silver was used for the reprint. Fingers crossed for a better looking color next time.


Best Grecian myth retelling ever.


This would be an awesome hoodie


I got it! :) First I thought it was a very cool design, but I didn't know what story was behind. Thanks for writting the story of Icarus! it ringed a bell (from the Iron Maiden's song xD), but I didn't know the story.

aled profile pic Alumni

When I went to the Tate Modern with Leon and Emma - a random Aussie dude came over to talk to us and he was wearing THIS TEE!

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