Bear Harp Blues

Watch this

Wow what extraordinary phenomena, the harper bear!!, my five!!


Cool ! i love the bear but the light a bit weird here


I like the bear very much but I don't like the light.


Technically he has the harp on the wrong shoulder and the strings should be connected to the neck on the other side with just the ends of the pegs showing on the side we can see here.... and the comparative sizes of the bear and the harp seem kinda weird to me. I play that type of harp and it's only as tall as me, so that is one big bear.

If you care about accuracy, which you may not :)

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

I REALLY dig the character and the concept there, maybe if the spotlight was worked into the scene a bit more and we saw some silhouettes or lightly colored in faceless people in the background watching with rapt attention?

Peachbeach profile pic Alumni

the spotlight is tooooo hard! but the bearillu rulez!

Alex Carrington

The bear is amazing, dont know about the spotlight


i agree, the spotlights rather stark. but great image and concept. might look nice on a slightly different shade of blue from the spotlight


the light is a bit much but otherwise nic ejob!


Aww! Wow this is interesting! I think the spotlight's good though! Not too complicated.

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