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nice! my only query is if the pink coming from the tv is a halftone or if its just a lighter screen of the red, if it's just a screen it would actually count as another color, also the part where it overlaps with the leg it creates a grayish shade which would actually count as another color too, you can always just make it a solid pink and then have 3 colors instead of 4, I was going to say it should be a bit smaller on the tee, but I do like the oversized print. Other than the color issues I mentioned I think this is a really good idea.

Alicia Fuentes

Thanks for the comment PBOt! You took your time, thank you.
Actually the TV light has the same red, but in smal points. The right appearence is like on the top drawing. (On the tee placement, the gif compression has made it look too light).
And I'm not sure, but I think it would be possible to overlap the black with the red points, so that it seems semi-transparent. What do you think? can it be done?


Yeah, if they are just solid red dots to give a halftone pattern then there's nothing wrong with that, 2 colors it is. The overlapping should be fine I think.

Alicia Fuentes

Ok, thanks PBOt!

Any more suggestions?

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