How do you create that awesome distressed texture????

I love how designers create the distressed texture on the t-shirts. How do you do that? Can someone make a tutorial about that or just answer here? thanks so much. Please share your awesomeness;-)

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There's loads of ways, but the quickest is to take your final art into something like Photoshop, then click the eraser tool, change the brush head to something suitable, turn the opacity down, then start to work away at the areas you want to look distressed.

Make a copy of whatever your art layer is prior to erasing.


thanks, I'll try it out! Any other methods ? Please share.

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the way i do it is to take a photo of something textured like a towel or wood or gravel, then Live Trace that photo in Illustrator, delete the white after expanding, switch the remaining black to whatever your base colour is, and drop it on top of the artwork.

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I take a solid black printed page...

fold it up a million times and crumple it and rub it on pavement until the black is covered with while lines..then I scan it and select the white lines and use that in as an overlay..

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In photoshop? I'll scan a texture, old paper or so, invert it and use it as a mask (on a group of layers)

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gumbolimbo's method ... or if u want to distress a specific area,nowadays there's a ton of downloadable PS brushes, pick a grunge one, use it on layer masks


You need to find a vintage version of Photoshoppe from the 60's, the one with the chrome trims and all the valves before the cheap plastic versions came along. Some people would argue that the 50's versions are better but you need to wind them up by hand, most of them are in a poor state of repair and if you are fortunate to find a pristine example you'll need to sell a kidney to pay for it. If you're lucky, you might get a 60'sone on eBay but don't expect to find one for less than $2000.


awesome, thanks for all of the posts. I'll start looking for that vintage version of Photoshop

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Take your design by the neck, call it cruel names and kick its puppy. Then shove its head down a toilet bowl and flush many, many times.


that sounds so mean, but it would be distressing ha ha

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try this (found it on goggle)

1. Create Layer Mask on layer you want to "weather"
2. Click on layer mask then apply diff. cloud effect (it's in the render filters) make sure it is black and white
3. Go change the brightness contrast to 62% B and 38% C
4. Apply filter grain - set at 100/100 vertical
5. Apply pixelate mezzotint - set at medium strokes
6. Fade mezzotint by 50%
7. Apply filter Brush Strokes Spatter and set to 4/5


wow, sounds cool, I will try that!

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I do it in Illustrator with the brush tool on a large chalk setting. I brush over top of the design using a new color (one that's not in the design already). Then, I select all the brush strokes, expand appearance, and outline stroke. Then I select all and use the pathfinder to merge the artwork. Then I can click on the brush stroke color, select same fill color, and hit delete. All of the brush strokes disappear and leave the base color showing through.


another awesome method, wow;-)

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Tell your photoshop file that the assignment it thought was due NEXT Monday is actually due this Monday. That usually does a pretty good job.

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Woah. How on earth did I end up on a three year old blog? I thought my jokes were timely and relevant.

Oh well.

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how embarrassing

  • points and laughs *

Everyone was so helpful back in the day...

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that was weird - i initially didn't realise how old this was and then i saw i had posted in it and i was all wtf, i don't remember that. and then i did remember that, 3+ years ago!

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