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Who else thinks this is a lot like Bansy's 'balloon girl'?

Watch this
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oh god, shut the fuck up and delete your god damned conspiracy blog, I'm tired of ppl who have to go on some type of witch hunt.

I actually though it was Van Gogh though.

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how is bansky's concept of a girl losing a balloon at all new????? my grandmother use to have the 70s painting of a little boy peeing and a girl losing a balloon hanging up in her house.

this on the other hand has a whole different meaning, the girl is cutting the kite free. dear god.

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hahahaha, best image evarrrr, xiv


As much as I like some of the other work of ilovedoodle, I didn't think the concept was all that original anyway. I know I've seen similar art/photos/designs like this.

The execution was nicer than most though.


I thought this was a rip of of James Butterfield McKenzie.

In the Old Country before the war, he was a lowly clock maker. During the war he hid his family and himself in a dog's anus. The only thing to keep him sane was bangin' his wife and paintin' his pictures. Sometimes at the same time. One of his most famous portraits was of their escape from the Houndanus as it was later called. McKenzie's daughter, McKenzie McKenzie filled up the dog's spleen like a balloon which lifted the entire family out of their disastrous chamber.

After the war they moved to Kansas and always longed to be back in the dog's anus.


who is bansky?


I'm thinking it was in a movie, a really over dramatic movie, where someone cuts a kite free. I think the kite belonged to someone who died and they cut the kite free as some symbol of thier soul being free.

Not a great movie as I recall.

This shirt is better than that movie.


if you're looking for a plagarism bust, this is not it.

something like this seems to fall under collective consciousness. i'm sure we've all seen something similar in our own spheres.

nothing comes from nothing.

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Yes, I've seen this concept before.

No, it doesn't look or feel anything like how i've seen the concept presented before.

Also, who else thinks averagegoof's account is a lot like Evan's "pile o' poop"?


You could argue that it's part of some larger sphere of consciousness, sure.. but I'd say this takes more than just a little inspiration from the Banksy design. Far more than just the concept in any case. It's a nice execution, but it's been done before.

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bansky just stole most of his ideas anyway


Can you really steal something from someone who doesn't show his face or give his real name?

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i say most but i meant 'some'.
I do like banksy on the whole.


The first thing i thought when i saw this was Bansky. That doesn't mean that this is not a good design. I'm sure if you tried hard enough you could find similarities in art, music, movies, books, etc


same thing...first thing to my mind was BANKSY.

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you people have obviously never seen any other artists or even taken notice of the world around you

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Just typing the word Banksy makes you cool.


banksy fo sho


Not that I think this looks a thing like Banksy, but anyway, could Banksy prove that he painted that in the first place? And would he assert his copyright if he could? And do you honestly believe he has a case to claim to be the inventor of the "something on a string flies away" genre? And would Banksy be some dumb as to believe he thought the idea up? And isn't a girl intentionally letting a kite go a completely different concept to a girl reaching for a lost balloon? I imagine Banksy is laughing at you for comparing these.

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fuck banksy. anyone who thinks he's a god to the art world should just fucking die already. HE FUCKING SUCKS DICK.

not that there's anything wrong with that in a non metaphorical sense.

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I don't think it's a matter of people liking or hating Banksy. Everyone has their opinion.....i mean, shit, people go crazy over and spend ridiculous amounts of cash for Todd Goldman's stuff, and he's a hack of inordinate proportions.

My first thought when I saw this was "Banksy" as well. Is it because I love Banksy? No. Is it because I'm a conspiracy theorist/rip-off policeman? No.

It's because the Banksy image is very well known. More well known than a Threadless T-shirt designer (for the most part, I would think.)

Am I accusing the person of ripping Banksy off? Nope. Am I saying they are VERY similar? Yup.

I don't see Banksy getting a lawsuit together.

I don't think that's the point, either. I think the point is that it's a VERY similar concept (to where you may argue against the "stream of consciousness" thing)

If you like it, buy it. Or don't. No big deal.

It's still important to call out similarities, especially when the designers are getting paid for their designs (and other designers lose the opportunity to get their designs printed).

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haha banksy


a lot of banksy's are bankrupt nowadays


take that to the banksy


Just because their is a girl and a floating object means that the two idea do look similar to some degree, I will agree with you on. But if you trying to make a point that there is some kind of stealing or plagiarism then I think your really need to delete this dumb ass blog

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hahhaa, randyotter3000, you're right, I am angry because I've been accused of ripping off banksy, which was absurd and that fact that banksy's name gets thrown around as the omnipotent god of "art" is also thoroughly amusing.

but more than that, to just accuse an artist and not having any justification is reprehensible. any twit with a 56k modem can log on here and throw out accusations. if there was any credence to this blog the shirt in question would have been removed shortly after becoming public.

averagegoof, no need to be rude, sure, well, no need to accuse someone who has put hours of work and talent into this piece then be labeled by you is truly a terrible thing.... and a rude thing at that. my temper is short for blogs like this, I do not apologize for that at all, only because I've seen them time after time for years and usually by some nameless member who attacks the artist at hand with no consequence.

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averagegoof on Jan 09 '08
actually i didn't know someone did this design before so don't say i stole or that i don't have originality. thanks. if you don't have anything nice to say then just don't say anything at all. it was my first time submitting something.

it's not cool when people make stupid accusations right? right.


take that to the banksy



Damn! Robsoul beat me to it, but I must express the same irony in finding your submission was critiqued in the very same way as you are comparing this WINNING piece to Bansky's Balloon Girl.Are you committing social suicide on purpose or are you just trying to make yourself feel better?
Not to be rude averagegoof,but it seems your passive-aggressively started a thread that seems innocent enough by just asking others"What they think",but it implies the way you went about it is ,,,sorry,,,overtly accusatory.
Maybe spend less time on your blogs and more time on YOUR designs..I kinda liked your heart shirt.


Sick & Tired of banksy's big fan!

FYI, When I was a kid I used to pray every night for a new bicycle. Then I realised God doesn’t work that way, so I stole one and prayed for forgiveness - Emo Philips

this was found on banksy's website, so get a life or on the streets n join banksy alright!

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fit2btidy on Jul 14 '09 at 11:18pm
Damn! Robsoul beat me to it, but I must express the same irony in finding your submission was critiqued in the very same way as you are comparing this WINNING piece to Bansky's Balloon Girl.

I did not compare this to banksy.... in fact, I took the complete opposite stance because I am tired of Banksy being consider the only artist to ever exist besides Van Gogh, so not sure what you read that would give you that impression, maybe because I posted someone's previous comment within my comment? But yeah, I had to deal with the whole Banksy shit on several occasions.


No need to be rude.

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