Not obvious

  • by daveliao
  • posted May 02, 2009

Tasty Table is one of the worst t-shirt purchases I've ever made. No, it's not because I'm not an avid science buff (I might be), or because I'm an alcoholic (I might be), but only because no one "gets it" right away.

I've had to explain the punchline several times at nightclubs (not surprising, it was dark) but after I had to explain the thing in BROAD DAYLIGHT, I kind of got sad:

admirer: "I love your shirt!"
me: "Thanks"
me: "The elements are alcoholic beverages/ingredients"
admirer: "O RLY??"

Watch this
Wheels03 profile pic Alumni

glad you like it...


haha, i don't like it =p
trying to sell the shirt now!

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