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Opinions? Any preference for the T-shirt color?

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K for Kool

Opinions? Any preference for the T-shirt color?


Love this idea, work on the can, make it less flat, I think it's because the bottom ellipse is too oval if you get what i mean.
if you got time please crit me


The can opener could use some shading to make it pop more, as well as the can. Both images are falling flat without light and shading. You have to find a way also to some how make the fist bend more so that it fits the shape of the can if you know what I mean....

Crit me please:

K for Kool

About the shading, Ive never submitted a design before and I'm not overly educated in the computer design arts in general, but reading the rules it says you can have 8 unique colors and I used exactly 8 here. How do those rules apply to shading?


That is a good question K for Kool. Any one care to answer that?

I have shading on my design as well. The shading though is done in a darker version of the same color. The lighting in a lighter version of the same color.

K for Kool

Changed the 3d position of the can, adjusted the can size, remodeled the can opener, added details to the lid and faded the colors on the label...


I like the idea. It would be really great if you could add one of those 50's style portraits and "Since 1267" or something. Also, the fist seems kind of wonky and you may want to consider a different angle on the can opener, because right now it's kind of hard to tell what it's supposed to be. My first thought was more nutcracker-y.

Can you look at mine sometime?

K for Kool

Yeah, I chose that can opener because it's classic and i figured its "ears" are standard enough to make it a recognizable tool. Because im no design expert it's been quite annoying designing it again. I've tried placing it on the side of the can but it just gets in the way and/or looks no less recognizable. What do you think about the picture sans can opener, with the lid open and curled back slightly? Would that be somehow better?

K for Kool

Yeah, I chose that can opener because it's classic and i figured its "ears" are standard enough to make it a recognizable tool. Because im no design expert it's been quite annoying designing it again. I've tried placing it on the side of the can but it just gets in the way and/or looks no less recognizable. What do you think about the picture sans can opener, with the lid open and curled back slightly? Would that be somehow better?


haha this is awesome
the only suggestion I have is that there's a little too much brown--can you throw a different color in there? how would it look on a different colored shirt?


What if you have the can opened a little bit but keep the can opener, maybe flip it so the top is where the bottom is and vice versa. Nice work.

K for Kool

Can opened, switched position of objects- had to compromise with the colors to make it work.


Haha, I think the can opener looks good. More details and small print on the can would help I think. And I would see what it looks like if you use an actual photo of a fist retouched.
Oh! And what if the can's colors and font imitated a Campbell's can? Just a thought.

Good luck!

HorsefaceDee profile pic Alumni

I would make the graphic a bit larger. also, the lid looks a bit strange..try adding a bit more shading to add depth. The illo is a little flat..good stuff..keep going

odd one

I think remove the white circle it confuses the eye

K for Kool

new look, same brand. made the maroon shirt different for the sake of color coordination. Depends on what everybody likes best i suppose.


Yes, can is definitely better. Maybe you can go Warhol on it, it comes to mind when looking at a can of Campbells soup. And I dont think you need the plate or can opener, "whoop ass" is a force to be unleashed, not delicately opened and served on a plate. Make the can big on the shirt.

Maybe also something more suggestive than the fist, like Chuck Norris or Captain Kirk.

quister profile pic Alumni

Ha-ha! Crazy (good) idea! Well, now that the can looks great the opener looks under done. You might take Pjuarez's suggestion and lose the plate and opener. The can's the concept and I think closing the top and making it bigger would be better. Also, It's going to be a lot tougher to integrate the opener and plate with the shirt. Right now it looks like an iron-on or decal design. Maybe try it on a red shirt, make the can label the shirt color and use a halftone behind it to better ground it with the shirt. Or you could distress the art so the shirt color comes through and integrates with the design.
halftone background

distressed design

Maybe try a more graphic top and bottom to the can. Threadless has metallic silver that would work well with the design.
can top

Anyway, it's improving with every V, keep going. Cheers!

K for Kool

Ok, the changes should be clear. I want it to be distressed I think.
Questions from me:
1) How do I make it distressed?
2) Shirt color preferences?


Definitely no to red. For distressed I would go with a cream or sand tee.

quister profile pic Alumni

The tutorial linked below will show you how to distress artwork using a piece of slate texture. You can do it with other textures as well. Scroll down to Part 2 on the opening page. It's for photoshop though and I'm not sure what you're working in. I disagree with Freckle, I think the red looks great but your call. I'm not sure about the wing elements, they seem to distract and don't really add much to the idea. Maybe just make the can really big on the tee, that should look pretty cool, I think. Cheers!

quister profile pic Alumni

Forgot to say you need an avatar. Being a gray box on a designer's site is meh!

K for Kool

Ok, getting to that distressed thing soon enough. thanks for the advice on the meh issue.


I like the can design a lot, especially the karate guy. You could probably use some black and white to make the design look like it's embossed into that seal, to make it really polished.


hi, those red "wings".... what is that? the can works. :)

quister profile pic Alumni

Nice avatar K :P
Next you have to leave a link to your page when you're asking for help. It's a lot easier and you will probably get more responses.
how to link


I like the idea, but I'm not sure what the white wing-like things are doing. Also, I think it would help to pop that martial artist a bit more. It took me a while to see it. Maybe more contrast against its background or something.

If you distress the whole design, you might lose all the detail of the can - and therefore might lose the concept. Maybe just distress a background that you put behind the can or around it.


I think I like the fist logo in the center better than the kicker... Just an opinion! :)

K for Kool

no framing of any sort, bigger, lighter. Still up in the air between the shirt colors.


Really like the idea (seen it elsewhere but not on a t-shirt)

Think the illustration is good though it just feels a little lifeless. I know this might be a bit more work, but how about using it as part of a scene? For example have a tin or two of open whoop ass lying on the ground in the foreground and have the silhouettes of two guys having a fight in the far off background. You could set the scene in an alleyway of something to help frame it and give it perspective. Can ignore all this if you like! Just feels like you could have a lot more fun with it if you wanted to. Good luck!


red.. its really good! i love it!

thanks for the advice!

Johnny Ace

i definatley prefer the red


Wow, the work from the V1 to this version is great.
Good job !

I prefer red too


Maybe some shade on the can's opening would give the can a stronger presence. I like the white one better for myself, but it works on both really.


yeah, red is better. It makes the white of the can stand out more.

quister profile pic Alumni

Red FTW! I'm not liking the can opened unless maybe you have it flipped up like it would look in real life. You do have a closed can top in V2, it wouldn't take much to see how it would look. You might try one male-modeled shirt for your next V, I'm thinking it's more a guy's tee (could be wrong). There are a lot of choices that have been put up by some very generous threadless designers at the link below. Cheers!


Wow you have sure changed heaps from v1 but it does look way better in red. The only thing I could suggest is that its just floating in a teeshirt. Maybe its placement is too high or it needs something that can ground to the tee shirt. Like the cans hanging on a string or the can is pouring something that evolves into the whoop ass character. But overall its a great idea and love the illustration :) you dnot need to listen to me just my personal thoughts :)

K for Kool

Thanks guys. I thought it was a bit floaty too, but everyone seemed to not like any kind of framing i did to it, so floaty it is. I'm leaning towards red shirt since the vote seems to be that way. Believe it or not, in real life a lid stays flat when you open it with a traditional opener. It won't kill me to try it open. I'm gonna do one more version-

clause profile pic Alumni

i think white is better it stands out! :) maybe you should just place 2 t-shirt colors in and let them choose :)

K for Kool

I was thinkin that too. Am I allowed to do that?

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