Financial Devil

  • by garjurn
  • posted May 01, 2009

This design is to express the finincial difficulty we are facing. It is like a devil grabbing money away from all of us.

Watch this

This design is to express the finincial difficulty we are facing. It is like a devil grabbing money away from all of us.


Version 1 is in black. Version 2 is in light blue. This is my first design. Please comment. Thanks :) share some love!
Have a fabulous weekend to all!!


For the new version Ive added the following Statements I found on Internet.

It can buy a House............But not a Home
It can buy a Bed..............But not Sleep
It can buy a Clock............But not Time
It can buy you a Book.........But not Knowledge
It can buy you Medicine.......But not Health
It can buy you Sex............But not Love

So should I keep these quotes or remove? Any comments are appreciated. I just think it makes the Tshirt more interesting.


Ok i see! many thanks for all your comments Agrimony!


ummm... this shirt is not really my kind of taste so im not sure how i would comment sorry

thankyou for your comment on mine!!!


no worries. but thanks for dropping by JesseRayus


I also have a problem with the words and the illustration. I think the message that you want to pass should be clear from a neat illustration. A design that was printed with a similar message: Corporate Zombie


I think it was better without the text!


Ive removed the words and played around with the colors!
Any Love? :)


ok... concept aside, maybe u can improve on the outline, make it thicker and smoother, comic style. Hope to see the newer version soon.
and on black is the best. oh yes, try to put the dollar sign behind the devil? keep it up
Pls crit mine thanks!


Yeah, I don't know what prog your using, but you may consider using the gimp. It's like free and admittedly less powerul photoshop, but it's just fine for outline work. Google it. It'll be great if you get the outline sorted out.


Ive been using Corel Painter and it is quite hard to use. I just DL Gimp and will give it a try! Thanks for your tips!!


So I have smoothed out the lines. Retouched the dollar sign and horns.

Added a pic with model too.

agrimony profile pic Alumni

i must say.. this is an improvement over the last. i would touch up your presentation on the mockup tho.. u can see the box of the design on the shirt =/ makes it hard to see how the design would look :)


Thanks again for your comment! Appreciate it :)


Ahh...the concept is improvement of the version...push forward...


I'd say to smooth out more of the lines, so they look softer. I'd also add some shadows to the hands and he abs. (:


I've changed the abdominals, smoothed out some lines, changed the middle horn. added a a bit of shadow on the fingers. Also added a male model!


Nice non cliche image of the devil and like the electric colours.. is he saying "ahh welcome" or is he a little scared himself?

My Crit: Celtic Tuberide


it is more welcome!! Thanks for the comment!


hey there have you thought about changing it to green? maybee changing the pattern on his boddy to somthing found on money or credit cards

if you get a chance to help out on my first design it would be greatfirst design


i like the color scheme.

some areas seem blurry, and others, too crisp.


Thanks Guys!
I like this color scheme. It is cool and fits unisex.
Let me know where it's blurry? U mean the body? or the Hands? I like the lines on the body. Looks dizzy.


i think you should raise you files resolution to make it more crisp


Thanks for the advise bry_yrb :)


Saved in higher resolution.


have you tried experimenting with green?? Looks good so far but I think if the lines were green, it might be better. Give it a try.

Check mine:
The Long Arm(s) of the Law???


Saved Again with better resolution

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