• by skaw
  • posted May 18, 2006

Watch this

the first one looks more emo?

Frank Vice

I have a hard time telling the difference from looks a lot of times


yeah none of them look scene to me.


well i guess a little.


They don't look scene to me. That middle hair cut is almost mine too.

Jonny Freedom

how out of touch this will seem....

a 'scene' kid is what now???


It looks scene. It's just a matter of is this shirt making fun of them, or are you serious?

Frank Vice

hmm, i guess they dont come across as scene in my outlines?

They definitely were very scene in their myspace images I stole :)


go look at myspace and take a guess

Frank Vice

It's making fun of them...

If you've never talked to one, you wouldn't understand so I'll let urbandictionary.com explain...

"A person (usually a teenager) who defines his or her life based on the ideal immage of a certain social scene (most commonly the 'punk rock' or 'goth' scene) these people generally seem to be rich white kids from good homes who can acctually afford all their scene (ie: hot topic) clothing and accesories."

Basically scene kids love to talk about how un-scene someone else is. If the other person desn't go to every local indie show they lose their "scene cred" etc.

bombshield profile pic Alumni

the scene is over. its pretty much been over for about 5 years. if there are people that still look like this, please inform them that they are rapidly approaching rural farm, white trash stylistic ignorance.

Frank Vice

haha, actually I've seen more scene kids in high school now than ever before. It's like scene is the new.. prep? I don't know.. whatever used to be the common look

bombshield profile pic Alumni

Well, the older kids have dropped it for the most part, HS kids are slower to catch on. Funny that you mention prep...I've noticed all the girls that I knew that were big scenesters are ending up getting engaged to frat boys and preps (the ultimate irony?). Another thing is the hipster hip hop thing: same tight pants, but Nike shoes, New Era caps, and Bape hoodies.


hahaha youre so scene, you probably think this shirt is about you....


should be red, black, and white

how obScene.



it should also include random Red M & M's cuz that's all emo kids eat...when they aren't being anerexic.

oh shnapple tree

i'm liking this.

depspite i make fun of most of the scene..

i don't know which is funnier.

it's a band name people, come on come on.

oh shnapple tree

i hope this doesn't mean i'm around to many scene kids.
-taken over by world-


SEIZURE! at the disco!

Frank Vice

The point of the shirt (if it's not immediately apparent) is that scene kids basically all look the same, you could substitute in any face in those blank ones and get an entire high school graduating class

I was just trying to comment on the lack of originality in all fashion lately, not just scene kids in particular. Although they were an easy target.

sonmi profile pic Alumni

there needs to be a fashion mullet in there

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