squid hat

  • by iorek
  • posted Apr 12, 2009

Watch this

Is this supposed to be a female? I don't like the way the squid's arm covers her mouth & essentially silences her (especially combined with her wary expression).


it's supposed to be a bit creepy, I didn't mean for it to be anti-feminist in any way. I'd especially like help with the background because I had no idea what to do with it (as you can tell)


pointless design


I like the rendering of the character, but the background doesn't really add anything to the design. You wouldn't have to have a super detailed background to make it work, maybe just some lines indicating a background/environment done in the same style as the figure.


OMG u shoulda made one of those hats like the 1 that singer from the inaguration was wearing.....
oh what was her name?
well she had that hat with the HUGE bow thing on it!!
ida bought that 1


i like it but the background needs work


Cute! I'd almost prefer it without the background. But I love it.

quister profile pic Alumni

4 for the beautiful illustration.


sporritt, ust because you possibly feel strongly for women's rights and equality (as i agree), doesn't mean you should try to find issues in everything... this was just a coincidence. The artwork is great!

(work on the background may be nice, like bubbles or something)

Personal Genius

The illo is wonderful, but yes the background needs work (or maybe isn't needed at all). And it's kind of disturbing the way she's being silenced, but also interesting because maybe it's a part of her(?)

And yeah, Waros- totally uncalled for.


The scenne is great, but perhaps need another tool to draw it.
Great idea!!, yes

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Ok, wtf is with all things tentacle lately?
Same thing with the poop shirts.


The idea was wonderful, the outcome.... could use a little work.

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