• by skaw
  • posted May 18, 2006

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Rutger Hauer's phone number.

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Motley Crue Helter Skelter picture vinyl.


I have a first edition of Harry potter and the philosophers stone. It's signed by the author. I have been told that's a little gay though, so some people may not want it.

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1st edition holographic charizard.

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I can understand why that would make you tired, it kind of confused me when I typed it.

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What was that fat purple worm thing called that hung out with Teddy.


Hmm, I don't think I have anything that rare that other people would want. Interesting question.

Teddy Ruxpin- now that's a name I haven't heard for a while.

Is that a hairless cat you have? Is his name Mr. Bigglesworth?


I don't think I have anything either. :(
I used to have a newt named Mr. Bigglesworth along with a frog named Lester.




Tom Servo.


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Yeah, it's a hairless cat. Ive had 3. The first one I gave a lot of thought to calling him Mr Bigglesworth but that was a mouthful to say all the time. So we called him Dave. I now only have the one cat. The cat in the picture is named Brisco.


i have a 1969 Shelby Mustang GT 500. it was a shop opening gift from my dad.


Dave, the hairless cat! How cute! Almost as good as Lester the frog.

Aw, hi, Brisco!!


a bunny made out of a sock. Boo Boo Bunny.


or maybe my blue black masked lovebird, they are not to common......


i have a stuffed animal made out of a sock i've had since birth.

i named it sock baby. i was super original as a toddler.

i also have an original snuggle bear from when snuggle fabric softner first came out. it's in pretty good condition too.

my favorite stuffed toy from my childhood though is a stuffed Figment( you know that magical dragon from Epcot Center) circa 1973. it's boss


I have a lamp on my desk next to my computer that is made of cork. I know, I know you're all thinking: "what? thats crap, I don't want that" but it becomes more dear to me everyday. It's far better than a commonplace corkboard. Things currently stuck on/in it RIGHT NOW:

a golf tee with a firewire cable draped over it

a tiny aluminum cross someone handed me one day with a cheap watch I sometimes wear when I don't want to screw up my good one hanging off of it

a yarn and dough necklace shaped like a heart

a Macy's gift card with a little over $14 left on it

a pocketknife held up by a small allenwrench

a plastic PDA reset-by-poking-into-a-tiny-hole tool, holding up a SD card holder/keychain

a chunk of crystal from the crystal caverns in South Dakota

a mexican coin probably worth 2.5 cents (it says $1)

an indian-head penny probably worth one penny

a speedy gonzalas pez dispenser (empty)

a phillips head screw, currently not holding anything... but oh, the possibilities!

about 4 of those strap thingies you can tie to you cell phone, digital camera, PDA, what-have-you

a reminder note from God

a frosty the snowman Christmas ornament from like 6 years ago

a curad band-aid

and it's not even half full! I can put tons more crap on there, and not want for space. ..........do I win?


i have nothing.
i'm going to cry.


aw crap, I lose


A mood ring, which I still wear on a daily basis.

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Damn, you're right. I WOULD love to have a Tom Servo!

I have um...the very first issue of Life Magazine, which I bought a few weeks ago for 3 bucks. I guess someone somewhere in the world would also want that...




TIM post a pic


A Servo puppet? Gimme!


I don't think anyone hee would really care about it...but it's one of my favorite posessions...
I have an autographed picture of Leonard Nimoy and William Shatner (in thier Star Trek uniforms). It's mounted on a plaque and covered in glass. My Dad gave it to me :)


Um, I have a copy of the Newsies soundtrack autographed by Christian Bale.

I also have all of the episodes of "Freakazoid!" on tape.


the fall of troy

complete band member autographs on the album lyrics book


Guns. Maybe my car

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