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Animals On Safari

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started with this sketch to see how the composition would look like.
before i'll vectorize it, i want to put it here to see if the setting/scenery is right...

hope i will have enough colors :-)


still have to do a lot of coloring and shading, but i've managed to get it down to 8 colors.

is the streetlamp and postbox a good idea? (v.1)
or does anyone of you have a good idea to create the environment around the jeep...


i forgot to put a photocamera around the zebra's neck....


I definitely like the city background. Maybe make the city look a bit more like an african safari. i.e. streetlamps for trees etc.


Add some garbage and a fire hydrant on the walkway of your previous version


I think having the streetlamp and postbox is a good idea, it'll make the idea stronger I reckon.
The illustration so far is great btw!


Make them drive through a field full of sheep and cows?
That's an actual safari.. Haha!


thanks for all the suggestions thus far.

@ iels
i think i'll need to keep it like an urban jungle, with city stuff. a fire hydrant is a good one


yea, definitely, do urban jungle, put more (but not too much) stuff there:)


very nice, but i think they need to spot some humans lurking in the dark.

Would be very appreciative if you could critique mine- Gaia’s Autumn


cleaned it up completely,
also added some urban jungle stuff, a photocamera for the zebra, a mouse and a backpack.

hope you all like it :-)

The Paper Crane
1 design submitted - Score now!

Can you add some subtle background to enhance the urban aspect?
Maybe some subtle buildings. I just feel it needs a little something extra so it doesn't just float on the t.
Good luck!


I think this would look so much better if you hand-inked it.

Nice work - but fyi, Leroy Hornblower did an animals on an urban safari design, I think.


looks better! are you planing to put some buildings?


good point, PaperCrane and A92Crew.
i think i have to add some extra light building silhouettes next to the sidewalk as a background of the jeep. i can see now that this is just too empty indeed.

not planning to add people or something like that btw, i want to keep the focus on the jeep in front... the urban stuff itself should do the trick. i'll experiment a bit...


@fatheed, thanks for pointing that out :-(
luckily we only have a zebra in common with a different safari-feel imo :-)

and hand-inked? to get it less static? to adjust some of the line thickness will also help a lot.


Haha great,
But you really need some building background I think


instead of an urban scenery, how about something like this, like a "real" safari??


first placement try-out

want to have a sheep on the sleeve, where the elephant is looking to with his binoculars


added shading & shine...

any suggestions?
maybe more sheep, perhaps a cow? or extra scenery?


for placement suggestion see v.5


this is pretty funny! maybe add some cows and stuff like that :)


I'm sorry mtths, I'm not getting the sheep in the meadow thing. It was a good reverse concept with them going through the city. Are you a bit paranoid about Leroy Hornblower's design being too similar? I don't think yours is different enough. I don't know, maybe post a link and see what people think, although you'll probably get a dozen people in scoring brining it up. It's a dilemma.

Maybe you can have them looking distressed while traveling through a land fill with dump trucks, a logging camp with desolated scenery, or something like that and enter this into the green challenge. Maybe a recreational campground where the people are living in the woods (could be night with camp fires and silhouetted figures from tent lights). Ignore these if you like, I won't mind at all, just trying to help keeping this going and maybe it will spark another idea.

Anyway, the characterizations are very cool and the drawing is great. Cheers!


need more details..the illustrations look very plain
Need opinions, please:


Hmmm! iels and iamabeast might be right, if you add some cows, and barn, farmer, silo, etc in the distant background, maybe keep going with this. Your call.


@quister, thanks for the suggestions.
i think i'll stick with the agricultural meadow for now, it's closest to a "safari" wich is already in the title. the urban jungle thing has indeed been done here... heck, it was even a rolling stones concert tour... so, let's forget about that :-)

adding a few cows will be fun!


started to rework the shadows with some crazy halftone work :-)


looks nice! keep working :)


a couple questions what happened to the sheep? and why is the poor elephant not colored?


started to halftone the shadows per animal. (takes a while ;-))
so the elephant, the jeep, the sheep (and cows probably) are waiting patiently in line...


it's looking real nice. the progression from each version is great. i think once you have this doen it'll be ready to submit. but i'd forget about the cows, the sheep work really well....or maybe to throw a red herring out there, you could have the animals on a safari to view humans...just a thought, it might turn out cool.

"Pride"-critique it!


and now...... let's find those sheep


final version?


Looks great!


Instead of sheep what about humans. It'd polish off the joke. Great work!

Crit mine!


yeah, maybe just me and ian-s, but i liked it when it was in a city more. rather than sheep have them in a city or have it be humans.

Could you please help me?


they should def. be in the city looking at humans... lol this got me thinking of one Far Side comic "wildlife perserve" and all the animals are in a jar of jelly

crit me back please


nice joke. I also liked the animals in the city.

Need help about the better version. Thanks


haha looks great :) You might play with the city idea as well tho...seem like if done right it could make this one REALLY funny :) The version you have here looks pretty good to me, so if you decide you don't want to mess with the other idea, I would think this one is ready!


there were a lot of comments about adding city stuff.
i would like to stick to an animal only design...
(not to much surrounding scenery wich takes away the focus on the jeep)

is the sign an improvement... what do you think?
suggestions are more than welcome


The jeep is rendered very nicely, I want to see what the elephant is spotting.


I want to see them taking a city safari. People watching

Ehud L

this looks great! I would add just a few blades of grass and maybe a small bush to get a feel of a savana or just a few sidewalk details if you want it set in a city. The sheep aren't half as interesting as the jeep riders. I think they should be people too. good luck!


i agree with Ehud, i think i mentioned earlier that people would probably be more appealing then the sheep, that is if your goin with the idea of role reversal. Going along with that having the people act like animals in the safari i.e. down on all fours, drinkin from watering hole, or grazing on grass; would bring up an interesting aspect i beleive. just a thought though! the rendering of the jeep and the animals in it look great though, no need to fix that!


Yeah, I would say people instead of sheep. :)


Make the sheep into people so pow pow fame fortune fashion etc dogs peace cats


Great design! I agree with some of the comments though, just add some safari like background and youre good to go!

Ourson Grognon

It could be great if you stick to the idea whatever it was (or emphasize it). Often we lose the prospective by making changes and "improvements". So if the main idea was to make a safari upside down : You could make humans eating grass instead of sheeps or you could make a lot of "explorators" (you know the ones with the british colonial helmet and a moustache) for instance.

Technically I would change the shadows under the sheeps and the jeep to make a plain one.

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