Ganesh Rocks

  • by Samyboy
  • posted Mar 26, 2009

Watch this

Tell me what you think about my design.


The colors are very nice. I like the style.

ndikol profile pic Alumni

nice :D


Hahaha. That rock!
I can definately see myself wearing that design (and proudly!)
The colors are great and I love the cartoon style.
Good job.


The colours combination are brilliant

Las Brisas

nice :)

Ganesh rocks for real !


Incredible India. Very interesting and nice.


Je veux des chandails comme ça dans ma vie !!!! Ouiiii:)

Oplattamus Rex

if your gunna outline stuff than please outline the guitar!!!


the guitar looks out of place, think its because its not outlined like everything else..... great design though


wow, azazell. so should i just go to your critique and say
"i think it need a little work?"


Pretty cool but the pen lines need some work, they seem too... just all over similar. Some thickness varying would be nice, that's why I like to use the brush tool (but I have a tablet.. so that makes it easier, heh) Looks a bit odd that the guitar doesn't have an outline, but I know it wouldn't work with those strings. I like the concept though :3


Thanks, I try to outline it, but it looked a bit strange because of the strings.


Tout simplement parfait :)


Aye, those thinthinthin outlines look a bit off when there isn't a huge amount of detail at work within the pic itself. Like others, I'd like some variation in the line width, and the guitar outlined as well. The face the eyes are all the same colour as the skin can come of as looking lazy as well - not a huge fan personally, you may wish to watch out for that. Finally, the drumsticks are either sheltered under a 6th finger, or they actually go through his hand. A good basis overall, but the execution needs some polish.

Aweb1492 profile pic Alumni

I think it would look good if it was a little bit bigger also...and if you could adjust the colors some to maybe add some shadows to break up everything being flat. Your design is pretty big so you also need to take into consideration that if your design is all color and your shirt color does not provide a large portion of your overall color than the inks will get heavy on the shirt and weigh it down....unless it is like a discharge print or something. I personally would like to see the head dress insanely detailed with a gold foil print or something....then have the guitar gold also!!! Rock and roll microphone...maybe the guitar would be detailed a bit also. I would place this on a darker color shirt and discharge the main body color and then use inks for the detail to keep down the weight I spoke of earlier. Also instead of the blue and green circle maybe try to use the background to your benefit because after looking on Google to see some images of ganesh there are some pretty cool backgrounds to draw inspiration from...and maybe you could use the rock and roll theme and do some kind of stage or something..or a musical themed ornate design with notes....etc etc. I am just throwing things out. I would defiantly rework it and make it awesome because this could be a pretty solid design. keep up the good work!!!


lude ahahah

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