Garedn Myth

  • by rcatron
  • posted Mar 25, 2009

Myths are always interesting... especially those that make seeking knowledge seem like a bad thing

Printed on a shirt made in a country (USA, perhaps?) that allows uni0ns (assuming it gets printed)

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rcatron profile pic Alumni

Myths are always interesting... especially those that make seeking knowledge seem like a bad thing

Printed on a shirt made in a country (USA, perhaps?) that allows uni0ns (assuming it gets printed)


It´s original!!
Es original

Saludos desde España

Santo76 profile pic Alumni

I like the style on Eve!


that $#it is down. (means i like your shirt)




^haha, i'm glad there are dinosaurs in the background.

mezo profile pic Alumni

I am speechless. I am without speech.

r.o.b.o.t.i.c.octopus profile pic Alumni

i totally enjoy being cynical now that i have knowledge of the way the people in this world seem to do things. it's totally fun and well, it's the best time ever being wary of everyone's motives, because of the knowledge i have gained throughout the years.

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

If this was the true myth of adam and eve i might be a hardcore Christian. amazing details even though it freaky-deaks me out!


Wow that's pretty trippy lol... Eve stole Popeye's forearms! :D


way to spell garden...i would never wear this...


^ It won't be on the shirt. Simmer down.

I want this as a print on my wall! $5


Hahahahaha this has to be one of the first wangs ever to get through the submission process unchecked.

baumer5 profile pic Alumni

who wouldn't want ding dongs and hoo ha's on their shirt


ha ha funny peoples.


People need to stop clutching their Massachusetts Bay, starched collars and accept NUDITY! (baby!) It's all over the public fountains of Europe!


nice illustration, but i don't think i'll wear a dick on my shirt.


sad to say but will the artist be forced to use expertly placed fig leaves???


This is a really funny design and I would laugh every time I saw it, but its a little "ADULT" for younger customers.


i think fig leaves could work.....

rcatron profile pic Alumni

I admit I was surprised this design didn’t get thrown out soon after submission. It was a great deal of fun to work on, but I understand the squeamishness of potential wearers.

However, the design is based on a rather iconic and ubiquitous image that has existed “sin plantitas” for centuries, and the myth this image represents is a cornerstone of three major religious ideologies that in various manifestations are responsible for many outrages ranging from complete rejection of scientific fact in school curricula to the refusal of polio vaccines in two highly populated and poor countries. It’s a fallacious image that could stand some irreverence.

OK I’ll spare us all more blather, but perhaps we can overlook the genitalia?

…and no fig leaves!


im kinda creeped out by them... =/

rcatron profile pic Alumni

I find it interesting that people can digest this image complete with implied talking snakes and the coexistence of dinosaurs with humans and conclude that in order to fit reality there should be pubic hair.

There is no pubic hair because most representations of the first couple throughout history omit it. Perhaps this is some vestige of the influence of Ancient Greek “kouroi”, which generally omitted such perceived imperfections as pubic hair.


I just wish you wouldnt have titled it as a myth. to millions of ppl it is a belief not just a story.


holy boss-eyed nipples, batman!


Psychedelic Garden of Eden. Now THAT'S something new!


Great concept and I really dig the classic animation look of the snake!

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