Space Mushroom Girl

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Personal Genius

Aw, that's so cute!

But I'd like the placement to be more offset. But I do love it.


This is really cute!

Maybe work on the background a little, and bring the placing more diagonally right. I think that's a winner!

Bunshichi Tawara

really good character, i think a psychedelic groundwork is needed.
Good work!


Wow! This is great, love to see it get printed.

ndikol profile pic Alumni

cute :D :D


very cool and cute. i would probably actually wear this myself. if not, i'd get it for my girlfriend.


Really nice, love the colors on her helmet, and the little swirl on her tummy. I think the shading on the moon is a bit too dark, but your colors are limited, so I understand. A really nice clean design, great job :3


Super cute!


cute! like the jetson!

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