So Long and Thanks for the All Fish

So sad that it should come to this

We tried to warn you all but oh dear?

Watch this
charlie swords

So sad that it should come to this
We tried to warn you all but oh dear?


Isn't that from Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy?


Can't see either...

charlie swords

i have contacted the powers that be and let them know that some people are having issues...


ahhh i'm blind!!!


Try viewing this in Firefox if you can't see it. I have the same problem on Internet Explorer.

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

Okay, I finally see it!

And I'm a bit disappointed. It doesn't really capture the Adams grandness. Not a bad drawing though, excpet that the dolphin is at a very strange angle, but then again i've never seen what a dolphin being hung by a noose would look like before!

charlie swords

from what i've figured out, the problem is with internet explorer, it works fine in any other browser...


uhhhh... nooooo.... because i'm using firefox.... :P


I can't see it in either firefox or internet explorer.


Greenpeace help me. :)

charlie swords

weird, its only not working for me in IE, dont know what the problem is. I submitted it the same as the others that i did....


i can't see it either... and i've got firefox


I like the design, but it's only really funny if you know the title, and I don't think it's something that I could figure out, even being a huge Douglas Adams fan.

Also, that noose should be tighter, he's definitely going to fall out of there any second. Right now it just seems like a dolphin trying to fit in a too-small rope swing.


I can see it
and I totally get it
and I love it. Great job.

charlie swords

actually the title came after the design...


So giving this a second thought, it's actually a fine design on it's own, Adams connection or not. I was busy looking for that connection rather than noticing the amusement of a normally happy and playful creature losing the will to live. haha

I'd still tighten up the noose, but I'm upping my rating to a 5.

charlie swords

thanks Max, i appreciate you giving it some thought rahter than just a passing glance.


sad. :( i like the placement though. esp with the rope coming down the shoulder.


haha, the expression on that dolphin is priceless!

Oplattamus Rex

I don't think Douglas Adams would approve but I do (actually he might have)


awkward, but amazing movie for sure.


not showing even on direct link! grah.

evan3 profile pic Alumni

i can see it!


ah thanks for the link charlie


boo hoo i really do NOT want to wear a DEAD DOLPHIN!!!!!!!!


i wouldn't want to wear a suicidal dolphin on my shirt

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