• by skaw
  • posted May 18, 2006

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starr226 profile pic Alumni

i have a degree in it, so technically, i would say "sure"


If you go to an art school, then... yeah. I am.


Only if you're starving


designer. . . sometimes an artist. . .


artist is a broad term.

I do consider myself one. I'm proud of the musical parts I've written and arranged, and I'm proud of my photography. And I've been paid for both, so I also consider myself a "professional" ... but that doesn't make me "good" or anything, just happy.


I do.

I guess a better question would be, "How many of you consider yourself a designer?"

To that, I would say, "Not me!"

unweildy gordita

I'm a musician... does that count?

Plus I'm semi-skilled in computer drawing... not nearly enough to call myself an artist. But I plan to take some design courses during college and then get a masters in design.

Ask me again in like 6 years.


I go to art school but I don't think I'm an artist. There is so much more to learn!

atomic silhouette

I do... sometimes... other times, I think I am just a trendy ass poser.


I'm a writer...of sorts. I am not entirely sure if that classifies me as an artist.


It would depend on what day you asked....today, not so much.


One only needs to look at my work, you won't even need to ask me if I am an artist. You will just KNOW


I think we're all artists in some way or another.

I know that sounds lame.


I do. But I'm also a lot of other things. Today, for example, I'm a nag. Geez, I mean, am I the only one around here who knows how to wash a plate?!


For sure. Art is my life.

eskimokiss profile pic Alumni

i'm a hack and a fraud!


i still haven't scanned my slides in, but ive held galleries, and im co-hosting one in NYC next month.... if all goes according to plan.

im just awkward when it comes to computer graphics.


I consider myself an artist-fartist - not high quality enought to be an artist but more then a crafster

eskimokiss profile pic Alumni

Co-hosting with your brother per chance?


oh funny.

its not like its a big deal

a gallery to me is like 4 of my sets on a wall, meanwhile all the "good shit" out does mine.

i just have good friends, and a need to get my face out there.


PS: I speak in terms of photography, I'm subpar at paint/sketching.

my best work has been done in meaneal charcoal pencil

bananaphone profile pic Alumni

I'm a designer, not an artist. But given I am highly experienced and can teach web, print design, photography, and draw alot (which i think is shit) people tend to say im an artist.


same... i prefer "photographer"

or "sketcher"


an artist tends to be successful in their art by making a career out of it.

Malcolm Man

I do. But there are many better I.

skeletore profile pic Alumni

Fine arts major

Avid musician


At this point, I consider myself an art major, trying to be an artist (because I've gotten quite lazy with my arts stuff lately-stress related, so I should be back on track next fall).


I think I'm not without my charms in the artistic realm..


gotta be more artists out there

Bramish profile pic Alumni

Definitely not. But I try.


im an engineer, thats probably my problem.


i'm a butcher. somethimes the blood spatters look like a jackson pollock painting. does it make me an artist?

jpiatt profile pic Alumni

Am I an artist? Yes.
I have no problem saying I am an artist because I don't get wrapped up in all the bullshit that goes along with art. I'm not some pretencious self centered shithead.
I went to art school, I thought most people there were dumbasses who tried too hard to convince people they were artists, rather than just create art.
I honestly think anyone who creates is an artist, wether it's photography, performance art, written work, visual arts....as long as they are creatively expressing themselves. They are artists.
Anyone who has a problem with that can fuck off...

you can see my art at my website www.jeremypiatt.com if you would like. Judge me all you want, because I don't give a shit.


you just described most threadless users

jpiatt profile pic Alumni

A lot of people who submit to this site are NOT artist though....
because they use stolen ideas, stolen art, ect....
On the other hand, there are LOTS of talented people on this site that I really appreciate.

And ANYONE who has the balls to submit something here and face the faceless people hiding behind their computers who can be as evil as they want when they comment on work....they get my respect. That is...if they are submiting original ideas and images....


well said


I make a living as an artist, but check out my subs and you'll probably agree that I shouldn't.


i've seen worse

jpiatt profile pic Alumni

shadow, you did Breadjolina!!!
you're an artist!
For sure!

That one was so hilariously stupid. I still remember giving that a 5 and that was weeks ago.


breadjolina is really fun! i like it so much.

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