God\'s Son Guitar Lover

  • by Andrew_E
  • posted Mar 24, 2009

A clean modification of a popular guitar manufacturer. God loves the world but He definitely loves guitars!

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A clean modification of a popular guitar manufacturer. God loves the world but He definitely loves guitars!


christians might get a bit annoyed if there was someone going around claiming to be jebus.


Yeah Andrew! That is why Jesus came..for the love of the world! and now we must do the same as God's childen.
Great design!!


Awesome design! Hope you win :)


Very cool, Andrew! It would be great to see these shirts walking down the street (with people wearing them, of course:)).

Bluebirdiesinger profile pic Alumni

I think I'd find it odd if I saw someone wearing a shirt saying "God's Son", as though that's who they're claiming to be... Not really something for the Threadless market , as it's very in your face Christian. Submit it to Christian tee companies, might be a more appropriate niche. Just a thought, good luck and blessings.


I agree with Bluebird. It would be a huge seller in a Christian store. Not so much for Threadless. Keep rockin'!


I didn't know God's son played guitar. Where have I been?


The "God's Son" looks like the "Gibson" logo for any non-guitar players. There is Fender logo modified t-shirt, same concept, out there that has sold thousands. No one has done the Gibson mod so what better place then Threadless to introduce it. Christians visit Threadless.com too!


so you're saying you're just copying someone else's idea pretty closely and hoping to make money from it? well done.


Well according to Plato's theory of forms which states that everything on Earth is an inferior copy of an original, supreme and heavenly master-copy, most everything is a copy. So everything on this site, in essence, is a copy. Some are just more apparent than others.


THis reminds me of this one kid from my town, he was home schooled and his mom was very conservatist christian, all the shirts he owned were christian parodies off different things, like "god's gym" instead of gold's gym, "got faith" ect. THis looks like something he's wear. It also reminds me of how damn pretentious he was, I'm glad I moved out of jersey as soon as I turned 18...


I don't know why loving God isn't more trendy. Jesus was all about love. He was like the original hippie.




This reminds me of one of those cheesy church camp t-shirts like "abercrumbie and fish" or something like that...I am a christian and I wouldn't wear this shirt...no offense


While threadless shirts may appeal to christians i dont think the reverse is true, to too small a niche (the niche being christians who want to have blatantly religious shirts on)


I tend to agree with Bluebird...though i don't think any, in your face, religious designs of any type should be presented. it dosent offend me...nut many people do tend to offend easily.


I'm a Christian and I sort of think this is tacky. Sorry.


I can understand why some think this t-shirt design is tacky due to the "change a logo and make it say something else" concept, but from a design perspective, it is done very well. The header "God's son" looks just like the Gibson logo. Plus incorporating the headstocks of various guitars into the design is perfect as it will help some people who aren't that guitar smart to identify the logo modification. Very well done! $5


I think the same as casenbina. And JayL87. That's me.


Wow...I love it when faux philosophy [or is it fauxlosophy?] is used to rationalize and justify essentially ripping off an idea (that wasn't clever in the first place) for monetary gain. Very Christian.


wow. who knew a simple t-shirt design would be so controversial. So, Jesus wants us to "advertise" him to the world, and he was very clear He wants us to prosper, just not prosper advertising him? I think it's great Andrew!

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