aposiopesis - a sudden breaking off in the midst of a sentence, as if from inability or unwillingness to proceed.

So I've got a slogan yada yada i heard the word and looked it up and thought this would be something for the threadless

other than that i will catch you all up on my current events - i've been living in texas in a little town on a ranch for about 4 months now - i just recently got a job at a local newspaper doing ad work

first - i never knew even for a small town paper how much work actually goes into making a newspaper

second - the company i work for is called the Graham Leader in Graham Texas - the place actually prints 5 newspapers for the area - and also produces and prints about 4 other quarterly magazines/community guides for the area - pretty fun stuff

third - i had 2 irish car bombs and am ready for bed

fourth - i'm going to ft worth in a couple of weeks for my ladies bday and cant wait for a little bit of city life

fifth - i am hoping to actually make another design soon when i find time from working at the paper and working on the ranch and doing side work for my old company as well

sixth - we've recently gotten 3 new long horn cows and 2 chickens

seventh - i wish i had money to buy shirts during this sale since i missed the last one

the end

Watch this

Oh woooooow, so you live out in rural Texas, huh? Ahaha, I think I would go way stir crazy. I love Austin too too much. :P

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Apoptosis is programmed cell suicide.


and now we just got two horses and two chickens

so fresh eggs every morning and some riding to be done

farm life is the easy life

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