• by Francesa
  • posted Mar 08, 2009

Watch this

not a bad idea, but i think the illustration is lacking. looks too flat right now. the base molding is huge too.

if you have a minute...


Really excellent idea. Agreed, your guys look pretty flat. Ad some texture and shading or go way over the top and make them super cartoony. One way or the other.

I would appreciate your opinion


I've had something like this happen to me before lol. I'd think the characters need some more work. Make them seem like there is more to them, they just sort of look plastered on there.


haha this is a great idea but the workers need work and the wheels on the back of the cart away from the worker need to be switched


I like the idea,
Maybe add some shadows?


Great start :)

Like others have said, just needs some refinement with your characters and cart, just give everything a less flat type of look :) Good luck, and keep it up!

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pretty cool idea!
i agree, add some shadows and it'll be fine!

mike bautista
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i hate it when that happens.

i'd add some depth to the tiling, and everything else actually. and work on some of the figures, such as the stool cart thing. what are those things called? maybe you could make it an actual wheel step ladder, like this


HAHAHA great concept, executed very spot on. I am not sure about the shading of the dude's shrits, perhaps use a different tone of yellow aside from the cart.
comment on mine?


aww they are F'd......

their shirt coolors should be different from the scafolding

pleese see mee

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Haven't I scored this today??

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No... I think I came arround and had not comments to do...
I like the idea and the excecutuion... maybe I'd fix some little details... for example the perspective of the tiles over the cart and maybe use some gray for the unplaced spots on the wall.

It is one of those second sight ideas, and I love them!


I bumped into the 8 color limit and I don't want to take this into the realm of simulated process. That's why I used the scaffold yellow as the shadows on their shirts.
I'm open to suggestions.

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I don't think they look bad... but anyway you have two options: tweak the shirt color to make it match with the shadow color, or use halftones for the shadows


really like the idea :)

just a few suggestions...
maybe move the guy on the scaffold a tad forward, or at least so the tile laying thing he's holding in his hand (which name i can't remember) is more in the black so it is clearer? (and the scaffold will not be inline with the tiles so maybe it'll stand out more?)

also i feel it seems like on the Tee the scaffold itself is hard to see :(

ps. if you have some time, it will be greatly appreciated if you have a look at my slogans :)

Ehud L

I think the men should be in a single color maybe even grey. It takes longer to understand since they stand out so much against the background. Also, I think the last tile the spade man is working on should be in his hands to better communicate the idea, which is great.


great concept, I like this!


i agree with Santo76 about grey in place of the white where the tiles are missing. you could use a black halftone in its place. though i'm not honestly sure how you are up to 8 colors on a white shirt, but maybe you didn't use halftones for anything. maybe think about that, it might make the design a little easier on you.

but... i love it! great idea!


Definitely agree about the grey in the middle. Maybe try it on a grey shirt?
I think that would make the tiles stand out more.
And I don't mind the shading on the shirts, i think it looks fine.


Moved the scaffold over a bit.
Moved the trowel.
Offset one tile.


you know stuff like this has happened to me all the time, i have a tendency to not plan things out before i do them. I like the idea and think it has alot of potential, my one critic is that the yellow lift table needs a black outline to match the rest of the artwork, it looks out of place. Other then that it is great! Well Drawn.


hahah...very cool. I've done this at work...start some design that's tiled and realize I've got an offset. Nice ;)


Looking better all the time :) now it's getting down to the final details! With that row where the workers realized they messed up are u trying to show that they have already layed white tiles? If not, it may help to give a little depth, and also show a bare wall or something so that it's more obvious that they've run themselves into a mess :-p

The only think that still sticks out a bit is the scaffolding...i can't tell if you added some type of shadows, but right now it looks a little flat to me, perhaps if u made the legs and pieces that were in back that darker yellow that u've used to imply shadow and depth that my help that make that pop a little more.

This is all just my 2cents, and in no way what you have to do, I just think giving some of the things a little more depth, and shadow might really make your piece pop! :) Similar to what you've done to your characters

Sorry for the

btw care to give an opinion on my very early start as well? :

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I see a trowel, but I don't see a bucket of cement. That gray color with the lines going through it maybe all it needs to say that those tiles haven't been placed yet. Of all of your great designs, this is my favorite. I also wouldn't mind seeing a boombox on the floor playing music while they work. Nice job. If you get a chance, please score/comment on my design.

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I agree that where the tiles haven't been placed, the wall should have grout/wet cement lines


Some grout added.
Boombox added. (Placement is as on the model.)
Scaffold shadows added.


Grout added from where though? He needs some more tools and sundry.
The perspective is a bit off too - try drawing to a vanishing point and match the tiles and trolley to it.
Very cool otherwise.
Also if the one guy has a shadow they both should (and the trolley)


Changed: perspective on loose tiles and scaffold; trowel.
Not changed: buckets and pails of mastic. I didn't add them because this is not a tutorial on how to tile a wall (or how NOT to in these guys' case). I didn't want to clutter up the design to the point where the point was lost.


nice improvements! like it now now the tile is on an angle :P

just some more comments - i actually liked v4 better - without the grout/boombox - since the focus is the "oops" i don't think the boombox should be there.

maybe the grout...but it might look like if the white shirt has been dirtied :(

so for me, maybe a combination of v4 and v6 would be awesome :D

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