New to Threadless- check my slogans- they very nice

Hello Threadless community, I posted up some slogans over the past few days and one or two got good percentages so far but I would like to expand the viewership on them. Please take a moment to check them out. There aren't too many. Either hate em or love em but give em a score. Or better yet give me some feedback on the ones that you would wear if the wording could be fixed. Thanks alot.

Watch this

I liked this one: Trying it at home is what life is all about. Also gave my vote to the dictionary. You can safely delete everything that as more then 15 votes but is below 25%. From my experience, those will not rise much, anymore.

Dr MonA

thanks for the vote

toopersent profile pic Alumni

The Dictionary- Keeping words in their place

easily your best one!

Dr MonA

thanks murky78, I liked your 1999 slogan, voted it
Frickinawesome and toopersent thanks.

Dr MonA

More slogans to vote on Threadless bloggies!

rossmat8 profile pic Alumni

Already voted on everything and you're already a slogan shogun so join the OSC if you haven't already. Keep up the good work.

Dr MonA

thanks for the encouragement and votes ross

Dr MonA


Sparky the Wonderboy

Your newest slogan fits the above experiments so well. I'm having the same sort of HTML trouble; let me know if you find the secret.
I voted on several of yours, liked Dictionary lots, but "Trying it at home" takes the cake.

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voted! please check mine

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