• by Wardi
  • posted Mar 03, 2009

o.k, so I've just joined and don't expect anyone to read this, but here goes anyway.

I recently bought this fab tee because I saw Tegan Quin (from the band Tegan and Sara) wearing it and thought it awesome. Although, I must admit that my decision to buy the tee was ever so slightly swayed by the fact that I'm a little but in love with TQ! Teenage crushes aside, the tee pretty darn cool and loads of my friends have commented on it, so I'm definitely gonna look out for similar designs.

Wardi (Yeah, it is a real name...promise)

Watch this

Snaaaaap! I sent in a threadspot of her wearing it from their myspace a week or so ago :D gotta love them eh?


OMG they are definitely the best!


Hahaha I totally know what you're talking about. I love Tegan and Sara! They're becoming fashion icons for their fans eh?


Saw a fried of mine wearing it and I have been waiting ever since for this one to be reprinted!!!!

Can't wait for it to arrive!!!!!


It took me sooo long to get mine, and when I finally did my friend said she had already got one for like £4 at a charity hop, brand new! So that was kinda annoying...

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