One second...

We're all gonna die!!!!

rough idea...defintly want more little guys and havethem more devolped

Watch this

rough idea...defintly want more little guys and havethem more devolped

Jesse Jacobs

I would try to make the styles blend together more. I like the guy barfing from fear

Jesse Jacobs

I would try to make the styles blend together more. I like the guy barfing from fear


The big godly head seems very Monty Python to me! Like Jesse Jacobs said, blend the art styles together more, and you'll have a winner on your hands


i like the little figures at the bottom, but the big head seems just be hanging there... the little lines don't make it clearer for me.
try to choose one design style, instead of mashing-up different styles.


I like the concept but the head and the alien dudes need to be more developed. There needs to be something around the head in the background that's not little lines but something that makes the head have a feeling of "looming doom". The little dust pile is really funny though


Yeah the head (of god?) needs to be in the same styles as the guys. I love the little guys and especially the one barfing! Hit me back please.


(what everybody else said about the styles.)

Could you return the favor and critique my design?


Styles needs 2 be improved...


Love your illo. on God.


this made me think of another shirt design someone is working on called a bad day at the office. check it out. maybe make the glow from the beams show up on the face of the nearest soon to be victims. thanks for the comments.


its really cool, I think the guys on the bottom should be refined a bit to make them look more real


In addition to what everyone else said, perhaps big puffy clouds behind the head, just to give it some reason almost, also the smoking pile of dust is pretty sweet, oh yeah and the guy currently being vaporized is done really well.

I think if you brought the head to the same style as the little guys it would look better than vise versa, give it more character.

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THe big head and the figures below do not have a similar style.. maybe you can add more details to the figure below..


You requested a new style head....hear it is...keep in mind this is a WIP and yes it will be cleaned up alot...this new head is just a concept of the style you guys might be looking for. Please comment tho!!!


not sure if i like this head better or not. i'm trying to think of a way to make it fit into the composition better instead of just chillin up there. i might have to think about this one and get back. also think the white beams stand out too much since everything else is just pen. maybe if there was more white somewhere else, or no white at all and somehow drew the beams with pen too, to keep the same art style throughout.

btw i love ur redeemed illustration

if you gotta minute...


I really like the collage look of difference in styles in the first version.
I would be interested to see how this would look composed on a t-shirt?
You could have the little guy running in the foreground here on the back of the t-shirt?


see I liked the differance too...specially seeing the original head was made famous be it put a goofy twist on it.


I liked the original head, but it was out of place due to the difference in style. Can't you just draw the original head and put it in here?

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