Good Gracious...

Oh my good gracious, it has certainly been a long time since I last posted. Then again, it has certainly been a long time

since I've had time to check Threadless as often or had money to buy anything. It had also exploded around the time I left and there were just too many blogs to keep up with.

How had everyone been? What did I miss?

On the Mary front, I'm mad at myself because I didn't save my old profile picture before updating it. I'm on my 3rd computer at this point

(finally! A MacBook!) so that picture is probably long gone.

I actually don't really have time for a Threadless blog post. I'm avoiding editing a paper I'm presenting tomorrow night at an "Emerging Scholars and Teachers in the Arts Symposium." It's on the post-apartheid theatre of South Africa.

I'm also avoiding a 20-source annotated bibliography on literary criticism of "Little Women."

Wooo... It's going to be a long night.

Um, waiting to hear from grad schools, getting ready to graduate...

Oh, I'm on Twitter now: anoelopan.

Watch this

haha, thanks, steve... that makes me feel better. i think?

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