The Blog Where You Grade The Last Couple Of Movies You've Seen.

Cause every movie's intricate plots and amazing symbolism and cinematography can be reduced to what you grade a high schooler's paper. And maybe one sentence to tell me why you liked/hated it so much. I wanna see/rent some more good flicks!

My recent:

Revolutionary Road- B+

The performances by Leo and Winslett were better than the actual movie, but interesting period piece with a bumtastic messege.

The Wrestler- A

Sometimes 190,000 critics aren't wrong about a movie. Outstanding performances all around and awesome ending.

Slumdog Millionaire- B-

Visually wonderfully ridiculous and an entertaining and simple long-lost-love story, but waaaay too hyped for its own good and not the knock-out I was expecting.

I saw the first and latest Futurama movies recently:

Bender's Big Score- B
Bender's Game- A-

The "BG" Lord of the Rings sub-plot was much much appreciated.

My friend gave me a Taken DVD screener and I'm half-way through There Will Be Blood for the 4th time, andf then i have nothing to watch. What you been watchin?

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jublin said:

I saw Evil Dead this weekend and it was a lot of fun. Super gory and intense and an awesome retelling of the original. What do you even call this film? A remake? a retelling?

My biggest gripe would probably be the first act. The whole film is meant to have a pretty serious tone for a horror film (compared to something like Cabin in the Woods), so before any of the horror takes place it's all pretty bland and boring.

I always prefer my horror with comedy, it tends to make the characters more fully realized (when done right), so i'll be interested to see if I enjoy it. I mean, it's a strange situation with this film, because The Evil Dead 2 was already a remake, but this is a remake of the original. Hollywood is weird, and now I know that first hand.

jublin said:

I think that's sort of the point of the movie, to show how these girls idolize the gangster/thug life and how they believe it's the best way for them to truly be happy. Kind of shows how twisted and messed up a generation's goals and aspirations can be. I don't know I kind of loved it for many of the same reasons you seemed to hate it.

The scene where James Franco, who was awesome in this, was playing that Britney Spears song on the piano while the other girls were dancing in their bikinis and ski masks was so ridiculous and strange and great.

I have a feeling the movie wasnt for me, I'm a big fan of structure, I want to be told a story and I'm a sucker for big hollywood blockbusters like the avengers.

James franco was enjoyable but the thing is we never learn anything about these characters, hell I'm pretty certain most of the leads weren't even given names, I felt the acting was weak when they finally got a line to say most of the time it had no context and it was like the actors had no idea what they were saying or why they were saying it.

I've also heard its by far the worst harmony film, though I havent seen the rest.

I was bored, I like when a plot builds up to something but this was, and then this happened and this happened.

I didn't care about the characters because they werent given a chance to develop a personality, they weren't even caricatures they were just nothing spurting off random lines.

macdoodle profile pic Alumni

Evil Dead remake...C-

I am a fanatic for the original though so I had unrealistic expectations going into it I guess. So many bad clichés (spoiler alert! The head deadite tells the female lead at the end "I'll eat your soul" yawn).

This just felt like another rip off of other Evil Dead rip offs.

TheInfamousBaka profile pic Alumni

Saw the new Total Recall this weekend and I give it a Meh+. Standard action movie stuff, but the action scenes were pretty neat. I liked the part with the elevators, but I feel like the bad guy wasn't built up enough. By the end of the movie I found myself not really giving a hoot about what was going on.

Musarter profile pic Alumni

Life of Pi- I really liked this movie. Visually, it was magnificent. This movie really makes you believe that animals have souls which I think is a good thing. I also like movies that make the viewer think and bring up significant philosophy questions without being too preachy. I have not the book but this movie made me really want to read the book. A

Safety Not Guaranteed- This was a charming movie, a good movie to watch with your significant other. It is funny, quirky, has some mystery, and some romance. It is a movie where the ending really makes the whole movie worth it. B

gebe profile pic Alumni

I love anime, so:

  1. Princess Mononoke - Epic

  2. Nausicaa of the wind valley - EpicEpicEpic

jublin profile pic Alumni
stubby43 said:

I have a feeling the movie wasnt for me, I'm a big fan of structure, I want to be told a story and I'm a sucker for big hollywood blockbusters like the avengers.

I've also heard its by far the worst harmony film, though I havent seen the rest.

I was bored, I like when a plot builds up to something but this was, and then this happened and this happened. I didn't care about the characters because they werent given a chance to develop a personality, they weren't even caricatures they were just nothing spurting off random lines.

Yeah makes sense, it's definitely a weird movie. But I don't agree that it's his worst film. It's probably the easiest of his films to watch, mainly because everyone in it is an attractive celebrity. Maybe that's why they think it's his worst film?

mike bautista
mike bautista profile pic Alumni

GI Joe Retaliation I had zero expections for the first film, and that helped it be moderately entertaining. but with that movie setting the bar, I now had some expectations for the new film. were they met? did they surpass it? I think they did. I don't know. I can say that in an age where half the world knows exactly what'll happen in a movie before a trailer even premieres, this movie is a cinematic achievement in secret-keeping. walk into this movie knowing that 95% of the jokes will fall flatter than flat, and some plot points will be so inexplicably "what?" that you'll turn to the guy next to you and shrug in a room full of confusion. but there are a few little charming things that make the movie worth it. one scene in particular involving an over enthusiastic member of the president's cabinet. keep a lookout for that guy. this stuff is grade A cheese.

a note on that action. I can't remember what happened in the first one, but I remember robot suits? this movie had no robot suits, and the Joes are more like marines or something? I don't know. so in the GI cinematic universe, the only thing that makes them special this time around is that they have a ninja. but the ninja does so many cool things, and a few of those things involve a mountain and an out-of-nowhere cameo appearance.

Taken 2 how did this happen a second time?! but now the family is used to this stuff, and they make quick work of it this time around. Liam Neeson uses maps and ears in creative ways. and you can safely assume that common sense laws do not apply in countries that are not America. expect lots of quick transitions that feel like they came straight from a US Navy commercial, and a bunch of bad guys that are really bad at their jobs. I don't know. I will say that this movie might be worth it to watch Liam Neeson in a scene involving normal middle-aged men. he mentions basketball and it's just perfect. I want that movie. I want a movie where Liam Neeson tries to be a normal person. this franchise is almost it if it weren't for him killing a few people.

Battle Royale this was much more Hunger Games than Hunger Games. but instead of cliche YA sci-fi, they went with rad 80's sci-fi. a much better creative decision! teens die in this movie. fun stuff!

Mantichore profile pic Alumni

The Croods: 8/10 Surprisingly better than expected: very funny (seriously laughed a lot), great characters who develop throughout the movie, awesome animations and some very breathtaking shots. CGI wise very nicely done, maybe not the most insane rendering ever, but I think Dreamworks really made a lot of progress the last years (compared to Shrek for example). It's a movie about a tribe of cavemen trying to survive in a prehistoric environment. It's also about a girl in her teen years, feeling misunderstood by her family, hating everything about the tribal life. But it all starts to change for her when she meets a Guy (sounds very cliche, I know). As most family animated movies there are some lessons to be learned, and it's a bit moralising (which, to me, isn't a bad thing). Maybe not as good as the director's previous movie (how to train your dragon), but still worth the watch!

the czar

Saw Total Recall the other day. Can't write much about it because my eyes are still recovering from the ludicrous amount of lens flare.

the czar

This is the End Pretty damn funny, crude as hell of course. Franco was great. Laughed pretty damn hard. A-

Safety not Guaranteed Decent and quirky. Not a huge fan of Aubrey Plaza but it was definitely interesting. B

The Perks of being a Wallflower Excellent movie. If you were the loner or outcast in high school, this is like a punch in the gut A

End of Watch Excellent cop flick, I love Michael Peña and he didn't disappoint here. Kind of wandery but still enjoyable B

Pitch Perfect I can't believe I even watched this because I have never watched Glee or any of those shows, but Anna Kendrick. Was surprised how much the arrangements stuck in my head. As a musician I appreciated it. B

Robot and Frank Could have done more with this, but I still found it funny if a bit weird to watch as my father in law has Alzheimer's. Frank Langella is great. B

the czar

Almost forgot The Hobbit Honestly I was bored to tears, no characters, only caricatures. My wife is a huge Tolkien fan and was severely disappointed. D

blackhand_ profile pic Alumni

Going to watch a sneak preview of "Pacific Rim" tomorrow night. I will give it an A+ out of a 10 point scale.

the czar
kuro_te said:

Going to watch a sneak preview of "Pacific Rim" tomorrow night. I will give it an A+ out of a 10 point scale.

Color me jealous


I went to a screening of the cornetto trilogy and I have to say it was one of the best experiences of my movie watching life.

It was fascinating watching how they grew as film makers and the dramatic effect of the budget on each film and how although you could tell they were all amazingly well produced films the budget had an amazing impact as each film grew in scope and quality.

Seeing the fight scenes in Worlds End I immediately noticed the influence of Scott Pilgrim vs the world, many of the fight scenes felt a lot like Scotts fight with Lucas Lee and his stunt doubles.

It was also interesting seeing all of the running jokes that exist through out all three of the films.

I have to be honest although I liked the worlds end Hot Fuzz was better, the story was far tighter and made more sense (though it should be added that we saw worlds end at mindnight and it ended at 2am, having started watching films at 7:30pm so I was tired and kind of ready to go home before the film had started).

Thats not to say worlds end was a bad film, it was pretty damn amazing, its just hot fuzz was better.

In between the films they released short videos introducing them, whilst I was happy to see them and they were mildly entertaining they sort of felt half assed like they didn't want to go through the effort of making them.

Morkki profile pic Alumni

Only God Forgives - C-

Very, very violent and bloody. Between the violent scenes nothing happens. I have no idea what I'm supposed to feel about Ryan Gosling's character because there's little indication that even he feels anything. There's a few good scenes and decent cinematography though but Gosling is just hideously overrated. Yeah he's very good at keeping a straight face and saying nothing.


Well I saw Gatsby and loved it. A.

quick-brown-fox profile pic Alumni

I just got back from seeing The World's End and I totally loved it. I identified with the characters a lot, which is maybe why I enjoyed it so much. Nick Frost killed it, and it was great that he played more of a straight man in this final part of the cornetto trilogy. Having grown up watching Spaced, and the two previous films which followed, it brought together all the things I admire in their work: geekery, friendship, silly jokes, clever camera work, fighting, pubs and small town life. This is most likely my gut reaction after just seeing it, but I think it's my favourite of the three. Although I'm a little younger than the cast, I remember a lot of the nostalgic stuff in the film, so I felt that much closer to it.
It's hard to judge after coming home, but I'd go back now and watch it again. There are bits I'd change, but in the main I'd give this an A-

Ryder profile pic Alumni

The Way Way Back Overall a pretty good movie. Rockwell is the star by far, but "bad guy" steve carrell is something interesting to see too. Rockwell reminded me of Bill Murray in Meatballs. It's just a nice, feel-good, movie and makes you want to work at a waterpark or be 17 again.


opifan64 profile pic Alumni

Gravity Incredible, ground-breaking visuals.Truly stunning. Unfortunately, George Clooney is in it and I'm so tired of his smirking, charming wisecracking. He's a one note actor and Sandra Bullock doesn't exactly deliver an Academy award winning performance either, but that might be in part due to the weak dialogue. Overall, I enjoyed it for the visuals though.

Visuals: A Acting: C- Music: D Overall: B +

olie! profile pic Alumni

Oh man Morkki. . . I saw Only God Forgives too but I really liked it. I would give it an B+, maybe A-. I thought Ryan did a pretty good job but the dude who played the head cop impressed me a lot more. The karaoke scenes were great.

I also saw Gatsby not too long ago and the party scenes made me extremely uncomfortable. The movie does a good job of making you feel like you're there, and since I'm not much of a partier those scenes felt hellish.

opifan64, I was really looking forward to Gravity! I'm curious to hear what other people think about it. Maybe I won't go see it right away. . .

Morkki profile pic Alumni

Oh, there were nice scenes and the Chang character was great. I just didn't feel that those scenes came together to make a good movie, that's all. And I still don't get what's so great about Gosling.

I'm really looking forward to Gravity too but with mixed feelings... I hate Sandra Bullock.

P0ckets profile pic Alumni

A Town Called Panic - A - Pretty random, but a film hasn't made me laugh this much in a while.

Would like to see... so many recent films! But mostly Gravity and The Worlds End at the moment.

opifan64 profile pic Alumni

Olie, it's definitely worth seeing. I was probably being overly critical because I had just seen it and my annoyance with George Clooney hadn't quite worn off yet. It's visually stunning though and very gripping in parts. I imagine seeing it on IMAX would be unreal.


Sandra Bullock is so terrible, I initially scoffed at even giving Gravity a chance. But then when I checked rottentomatoes it was getting like a 96%. O.O I mean, I kind of have to see it now.


So much Sandra Bullock hate. I actually really like her, but I hate the acting choices she generally makes.

moosabman profile pic Alumni

Yeah, I saw Gravity on Saturday. Mind blowing visuals. I saw it at a "dinner/drinks/movies" sorta theater so I think that the staff walking around/people eating made too many distractions to get super sucked in like everyone else describes, so I kind of want to see it again in IMAX or at least a more quiet theater. I thought Clooney and Bullock were fine, but I don't really feel like eithers acting was really the point of this one anyway.


I thought Sandra Bullock did fine...really you just needed to show someone freaking out that they're in one of the worst possible situations imaginable and think she delivered :)

I think Clooney was TOO way you wouldn't be soiling your spacesuit if you were in that predicament...

mike bautista
mike bautista profile pic Alumni

I really loved Sandra Bullock's performance in Gravity. I also really loved Gravity. I didn't know there was any hate towards Bullock. that's pretty weird. I just generally don't care about actors either way unless they really do suck at their job. but anywho, what her character went through and how she was at the beginning of the film compared to the end was really moving for me. I didn't feel like the dialogue was weak (outside of some out loud thinking [which was either for exposition or just a storytelling technique that doesn't transfer well for American audiences]), but it was sparse, and the performance relied more on her gestures and attitude. I guess people who have hated life once would get something out of it.

also, I still can't wrap around some of those special effects. holy smokes. it only took a minute to figure out Inception, which was the last movie to wow me in that department. I read somewhere that they had to animate the entire movie for pre vis, which took four years before actual filming. Cuaron said he's never doing a space movie again. the long single takes and just the way the story unfolds makes you feel like you're there. not like "wow hey, space!" but it feels like the action is happening in real time. it's like an Academy Award winning 4D movie.

opifan64 profile pic Alumni

It's primarily a visual film so the few quibbles I had with it weren't deal breakers for me but a few things annoyed me. First of all, as was already pointed out, George Clooney's performance is totally unrealistic under the circumstances. I get that he's cool under pressure and trying to keep Sandra Bullock's character from panicking, but he's so jovial and laid-back you'd think he was planning the next Oceans Eleven heist instead of fighting for his life under desperate circumstances.

Spoiler alert: I also thought the scene where Sandra Bullock is shown floating like an embryo to represent her rebirth, was annoying at that particular moment given that she had just promised to go after George Clooney. It felt like the director shoe horning in one of his darling ideas at the expense of narrative logic and momentum. Take all the time you need to make the film's "poetic" and ham-fisted point; he has like two minutes of oxygen left after all. The soaring score that dictated to the audience when to feel inspired was unnecessary too. I did really like the film though!

Jake Friedman

Adventureland : B

I immediately enjoy that Jesse Eisenberg plays a smart, moderately nerdy character that isn't a raging asshole, and his emotions and actions are understandable throughout the film. I wish Kirsten Stewart had more redeeming qualities. It seems to only be likable in comparison to Margarita Levieva's character (Lisa P.) because Stewart is more down to Earth. Bill Hader and Kristen Wiig bring great comic relief, and they should have gotten more screen time. The plot "Guy works at shitty job, beautiful girl works at shitty job, guy and girl fall in love" has certainly been done, and done better, but a unique setting and marijuana related humor appeals to me somewhat, so it gets a solid B rating.


I haven't seen it yet, but Sandra Bullock and George Clooney are too attractive to be astronauts. I'm sure visuals will be stunning, so I'll probably see it soon anyways.

opifan64 profile pic Alumni

"I didn't feel like the dialogue was weak"

I thought it was largely forgettable and/or expository, with a few groaners like "no one ever taught me how to pray" thrown in for good measure. I wish the characters had been more engaging and interesting because I really wanted to love the film and had very high expectations, but I only loved parts of it.

the czar

Finally saw Pacific Rim A - Anyone who grew up on Godzilla and Gamera movies like I did would love it.

Bramish profile pic Alumni

Man, I've watched so many movies since last writing in here, but the last few were:

World War Z I'm gonna say this is one of the top 3 zombie films I've seen. Cliche-ridden perhaps, and full of groanworthy coincedences and plot devices that serve to get the main guy out of trouble, but it was tense throughout and had some ace set pieces. Wish it wasn't wrapped up in such a wrapped fashion though. B

I'm Still Here I actually didn't finish this - seemed to go on for ever, but it was interesting and funny in places and I'm still not sure how much was hoax and how much was real C-

Man Of Steel Endless crashing through stuff. Michael Shannon should be in more films but he made a bit of a shitty Zod. Really nice looking visuals though. I didn't hate it but it was way too long. C-

Detachment The more I see of Adrian Brody, the more I like him as an actor. Pretty bleak movie but performances and pacing were good. B-

Sleep Tight A horror film, but not in the traditional sense. It's character-based and slow-building but by the end, absolutely terrifying. Best film I've seen in years. A-

Sightseers Another satisfying film by Ben Wheatley. Dark, yet comical. He's becoming a name that will always make me want to watch new stuff by him. B

Bramish profile pic Alumni

wrapped = rapid

Bramish profile pic Alumni

Also saw Pacific Rim I LOVE massive monster movies but felt like that was all this had to offer. I enjoyed it at the cinema but I'd never watch it again. C

And The World's End Spaced is one of the best TV shows ever. Fact. I can rewatch it over and over and always enjoy it. With that in mind I've found every one of the Wright/Pegg/Frost films disappointing. This fell somewhere in between Shaun Of The Dead and Hot Fuzz - a good film to watch with your mates whilst not having to invest your full attention into it (although I saw it at the cinema, so did), but it wasn't as funny as it should have been. C+


Gravity -- B-

The World's End -- C+ For all the reasons Bramish said, except I think it's worse than whichever of SotD and HF he thinks is worse. And I've never seen Spaced but perhaps I should.


Gravity - I was really looking forward to this. It's been years since Alfonso Cuaron made a film, so when I found out that this is what what he's been working on, I got super hyped. This movie doesn't really compare to his previous films. That's mostly because space is a poor stage for technical appreciation of his shots. With no recognizable scenery, it's hard to tell how complex his shots are. I feel as though a less capable director would have been able to film this to the same effect.

The shots that do stand out feel tacky. I saw little purpose to the shots made in the first person. The score didn't do the movie any favors either, doing nothing to add urgency or complement the action; it was just there, like a boy going "dun, dun, dun!" while white shrapnel shredded everything on sight. I do think the movie would be better with a more urgent score. The intro was phenomenal.

The story and script weren't bad though. The movie is well paced, and there are a couple of clever touches to it. Overall, the film is not bad, and that's the problem; it's not bad. C

Morkki profile pic Alumni

Gravity - A

This movie made me want to go to space and die a horrible lonely death. I mean in a good way.

Sandra Bullock didn't annoy me at all! Clooney was basically the same guy he's in every movie. Charming but forgettable.


^Agree. But that part at the end.. when she stands up.. What happens?!

P0ckets profile pic Alumni

Just watched Warrior - really impressive film about two estranged brothers who find themselves facing off against each other in an MMA tournament. I don't watch any MMA or anything like that normally, although I do like a number of martial arts films. This was more about the drama than the fighting, but the fight scenes were excellent as well.

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