• by glau_glau
  • posted Feb 21, 2009

Hand Draw... Color and composition: Photoshop...

Watch this

Hand Draw... Color and composition: Photoshop...

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I'm impressed at the sort of risque things that threadless will approve.

This is nice artwork, but I doubt most people would want to wear it on a t-shirt.


Cheap exploitation in any language. Art? Sure but not for this venue.


the goods.


Nice illo. Like the drawing style. Not sure about the text.

juice girl

i don't understand why so many people are upset by nudity.
don't you ever get tired of cute little cupcakes and teddy bears?
honestly, i can get adorable things anywhere, i'd like it if there was something a little riskier in the mix.

the design and colors are beautiful.
i love the hand drawn aspect and your style makes me want to be your friend.

i want this to be on a shirt or at least a print.



nice style kudos to anatomy sketching !!!


"resorting to nudity"- Since when has nudity in art been a last resort sort of situation? I am confused as to why nudity is such a taboo. I for one like this shirt The illustration is well done and the colors are great. I would however like to know what it says.


That breast looks a little square. Is it a shim? Looks like a woman drawn by a man who hasn't seen a lot of naked women. This is an okay sketch, but not a good tshirt. Especially not with that placement.


I love your coment about my work and your text makes me want to be your friend. :D
So... people are diferent and art is not just for galleries exhibition. Nude is not a shame it's a way of life.
I don't agree with exploitation of people or bodies...
I believe in new ideias, new concepts and new questions.
The past is gone!!! Welcome to the world of diversity.


Nice design and artwork, but I wouldn't wear it.


I'd like it as a print.


well you knew you were stepping outside of people's comfort zones with this one lol. I love the sketch and water color aspect to this! very cool. the nudity definitely cuts down on your target audience because as much as i love this, i probably wouldn't wear it due to the nudity. I would really like to see more work from you with this type of composition and maybe no nudity. ya still get my 5. good job!


Would be cool as art, but not on a t-shirt.

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