Ta Threadless!!

  • by Raid71
  • posted Feb 17, 2009

what is it with rats and pigeons??
they actually thrive on our populations explosion and yet they don't get our respect!!

This one's for all the rats I've ever met and will meet in the future!

P.S. it's still a thrill getting that "your design has won" email, thanks threadless

Watch this
mgwizzy profile pic Alumni

Congrats on the print! Proof that pigeons are really rats with wings.


another one of your awesome designs printed! awesome job!!!


my fave of your designs so far


I really don't know what size I should get. I'm athletically built, 6 feet tall, and sometimes larges feel a little too big, but I these shirts are 100% cotton so do you think they would shrink to be a nice fit if I get a large?


ha ha!
i've always thought that about pigeons too
delighted that someone else agrees:P

Arrow08 profile pic Alumni

I had an idea like this a week ago, welp, scratched.
Congrats on yet another burner!


i really liike this idea. it sort of reminds me of in 24 hour party people when the 2 guys feed all the pigeons poison. and tony robinson says that pigeons are like rats with wings. go watch the movie its genius

Raid71 profile pic Alumni

Vandals - living only just 30 mins away from Manchester - I know that film very well, actually the Director went to the same school as me :-)

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