Missed out again!

Man, I can't believe I missed out on this tee again... Any chance of a second reprint???

Either that or I gotta lose a bunch of weight to get into a girly XS.

...and that ain't gonna happen:-(

Watch this

you could try a guys size. In some shirts I got a guys small (could have gotten an XS but I was scared it wouldn't fit)
So just look at the measurements and see which guy one will fit....


yea, i ordered the second to last medium for my brother, he he. then it sold after right after


Could you guys please please reprint this award winning shirt? it would make so many people i know its my favorite shirt. i would love it :)


just one more reprint thats all we ask


PLEASE reprint!
It's absolutely gorgeous! (In a very sinister kind of way) ehehe


yes reprint! I would like to have this, hey look at this please and give me some advice to if you can


yeah..pls reprint it..it looks aweeeesmmmely gd!!


if i wasn't so in loooooove with mine, i'd give it to you, but, alas, 'tis true love!
good luck


sigh. pleeease reprint. i went and got a first edition one from the store, but someone must have stolen it because i never found it when cleaning out my dorm room. :( stupid college students.


please reprint this!

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