sky blue birdee

Sky blue birdee soars in the open air.

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silverqe profile pic Alumni

It's a lovely bird illustration but it seriously looks like just nice lineart thrown on top of a pile of crap. Are those just random default photoshop brushes?

Work this sub more! :)


I agree, the bird is great, but the grey blobs and the lines detract!


Actually I like the lines in the backround it reminds me of the nest a like twigs not jst random lines, beautiful bird as well


The grey circles distract me more than the blue background. They don't seem to fit at all.

ginetteginette profile pic Alumni

the way the background was treated makes me suspicious that you even drew that bird.

silverqe profile pic Alumni

I second ginetteginette, upon second viewing. Looks like clipart.


cool bird. bad background. sorry chief it needs allittle work. The placement could be a bit lower too.


I would like to see the background with black or brown lines, and then use white lines for the bird where is over the "nest" and black where it isn't...

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