help pick my next sub :)

I thought Rey Frenden's blog was a good idea, to put some ideas out there and let others decide which one to work on.

Since I couldnt decide exactly what my next sub was going to be about, I have some ideas, let me know what you guys think I should work on next, or if I should just think of other ideas.

  1. pile of garbage, and he's holding a leaf.

  2. death's day off

  3. a lil girl watering a magical bean stalk, in the sky awaits a hungry giant.

Deaths Day Off - CRITIQUE

Watch this
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  2. 2

I think I like the last one best...but you should explain them a bit.

supertrooper74 profile pic Alumni

I can't see option's behind your designs.


Deaths day off!!

B 7
B 7 profile pic Alumni

Like the beanstalk idea

mezo profile pic Alumni


And I don't mean poop.


First one's the best IMO.

ISABOA profile pic Alumni

do a variation on the fantastic four #1 cover

I would like to see that


i'm liking the 3rd one the most

but i'm sure with skills like yours they are all going to print

Johnny Baboon
Johnny Baboon profile pic Alumni

the bean stalk one has a lot of potential.

ISABOA profile pic Alumni

my html skills are weak today

ISABOA profile pic Alumni

last try and I am going to pasture

bennyd302 profile pic Alumni

oooo this is fun, its like one of those choose your own adventure books.....
my vote is for deaths day offf


beanstalk for sure...and I saw it by opening the pic in a new tab heh.

ginetteginette profile pic Alumni

the third one seems too much like just a copy of an over tone fairy tale concept :. the second one sounds like it would be the most awesome-looking/cleverest-idea.

TheInfamousBaka profile pic Alumni

I like the 2nd and 3rd ones, leaning a little more towards Death's Day Off.

ISABOA profile pic Alumni

also - number two looks like ladrones
I mean it is just a pencil sketch and all

I know - but maybe you did not see this and maybe you might wanna shift gears or maybe not maybe I am being CrAyZe

alexmdc profile pic Alumni

I forgot about that one, ummm yeah Imma do something a bit different. maybe the bike thing is too similar

jmeaspls profile pic Alumni


also yeah 2 would probably look totally different from ladrones' upon completion, but if you go through with it, maybe change the perspective/something.

but definitely one.

alexmdc profile pic Alumni

Imma go with #2 and a few suggestions from alvarejo :) thanx guys! I might take on the other ideas another time maybe


What about death in one of those pedal boats, preferably a swan. and with some lovebirds pedaling by looking very surprised to see him.


Death's day off:

His staff / sickle should fold up like a blind persons white stick does.

You could have little scenes in the background of people doing stupid and dangerous things and surviving.

He could be pissed off with doing mundane things like housework, queueing (that's 'standing in line' for the Americans!) for his groceries etc.

olie! profile pic Alumni


fat pigeon
fat pigeon profile pic Alumni

I like the idea of number 1

againstbound profile pic Alumni

I was thinking 2 too, but I also thought of Ladrones print, but if you change the bike to something else it could work.

And Joe, I have Alex Ross' version of that cover, but ina limited edition Wizard card:

Not sure how limited, though.

ISABOA profile pic Alumni

that is a sweet rendering by mr. Ross - love it AB

mezo profile pic Alumni

Have you started your #2 yet?

Still don't mean poop.

alexmdc profile pic Alumni

not yet, still thinking of what to do instead of the bike, maybe him just walking a bone puppie or something I dunno yet.


guess i'm too late, but i would say 3, then 1, then 2. 2 has too much potential to look like things you've already done...

mezo profile pic Alumni

Have him riding a Segway!

Bio-bot 9000
Bio-bot 9000 profile pic Alumni

1 and 2 were my choice, in that order, before i read anything else.

they still are.


Have you read 'reaper man' by Terry Pratchett? It is basically about 'Death' taking a holiday and doing mundane things. I love the concept, I'd say that would probably look the best. Saying that, I think your style of artwork applied to concept 1 would be fantastic!


Number 3!!!!! Its great!

davidfromdallas profile pic Alumni

like where you're going with the 'bone puppy.' death's day off really has a lot of potential but give it a bit more thought before going after it. you know, i do like flipping the situation and having him take a day off where he's actually nice or the polar opposite of what you would think. like playing in the sprinklers. swinging on a tire swing. etc etc. can't wait, alex!

alexmdc profile pic Alumni

Imma tackle #2 first then the others later.

I need to use it to take time off my select, since I want it to be really good, Im taking a few breaks from it to go back to it again a few times, that way I usually notice more errors etc

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