• by Design2r
  • posted Feb 11, 2009

My first design here on threadless, I hope you enjoy! ^^

Watch this

My first design here on threadless, I hope you enjoy! ^^


it'd be amazing in a hoodie


the best! ;)


great first submission! good luck!


ooohhhhh... Aaaaaahhh...

LUB LUB LUB!!!!!!!!



I don't like the heart. But nice! 4

hisartwork profile pic Alumni

im diggin this!
but i do think the bottom left corner draws to much attention and is a little weak... but its probably just me...

either way 5$

jmeaspls profile pic Alumni

this is kinda cool. I'm not feeling the heart, but the rest is rad.


Hey guys, thanks for all the comments, they are very important ... I have done a design with the cat, will soon put here to vote ... on the heart, was to be something more "subjective", is part of the idea of creating the design, you can look in my first version of my flickr page.

Thinking A Loud

This is my first design as well. I really like this. It's crazy!

alvarejo profile pic Alumni

nice illustration

Arrow08 profile pic Alumni

nice abstract illo!

smusi profile pic Alumni

welcome to threadless! great first design! here's some insight into the minds of the people who are judging you...

threadless voters love:
- anything that looks hand-drawn or painted
- elaborate designs
- surrealism
- truly clever concepts (use critiques!)

threadless voters hate:
- white shirts. avoid at all costs.
- sand shirts. only olive-skinned brunettes can wear them.
- light pink shirts. do i need to say anything here?
- rectangular designs
- black and white. trust me, i've tried... people don't get it.
- clip art (unless it's a pun or retro design)
- lame humor
- ugly color combos
- anything that can be interpreted as sexual that wasn't intended that way


Thanks for all the comments!! ;) and... (smusi) I really appreciate and understand your suggestion, but I can not only develop my work based on it. Make my work empty ... I hope you understand what I mean.

When I do a job of course I hope that everyone likes, but this is not my greatest goal. You have to really believe what you do. This way you will create a pattern and make it all very similar, the important thing is you create, innovate ... Without standards.
I like white shirts, I like black and white, so why not?
And one more thing, when a concept is really smart for you? Think about it!
I hope that with my English has been able to explain my point of view. see ya. ; )


it reminds me of that scene in the neverending story with the HUGE statues! Cheers

3 person duet

I would actually buy this as a poster

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