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Watch this

I love it, but I think the text ruins it.

Friendly Fire

Love the line work, crisp, clean, awesome. I don't think the text ruins it, but I don't think it's really necessary either


Lose the text, then it'll be a five. Until then, its a four from me.


Loose text as well, very original


Without text, it's perfect!

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Thanks :-)
It's ok, I will erase text ;-)

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really nice idea and done so well, yeah, no need for the eye text, and i'd put it on another color, possibly turquoise and add a hint of coor here or there on the eye or maybe just the eyeball. Stellar water drop illusion, a 4$ all the way.


Cool design!


Cool idea but without the text.


Doesn't the text represent the text that is around the rim of all camera lenses? Am I the only one who realised this?

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Yes ickysgirl70, you're right ;-)
But people on Threadless don't like text on my designs ^^


I do think the text draws you away from the surreal nature of this design- really like it- the tear drop makes the piece. I could see this in a museum if it wear a painted piece on a 5 ft square canvas and it would be magical-

on a shirt- not so magical but still rates very high-
beautifully done-



awesome design, but I agree with the previous comments. Lose the text and it'll be even better.


i agree with everyone else lose the text

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Ok my friends :-) I drop the text if the god of Threadless want to print this design ;-) Thanks for your comments ! (great idea Ellogoods)


i actually like the text...keep it in if you want! its the artist's choice and if u feel strongly about it keep it...


That is a super sweet design!! I like the text!! I think it looks good.


love it but the tear drop is in the wrong spot

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