My Evil Plan !

Muha. Muha. Muhahaha...

Watch this

hmmm... being a ninja, contaminating the water supply resembles terrorist threats, stealing peoples fortunes, cloning evil ministers, something with sharks and piranhas, and than nuking the world..... this is pretty self explanatory. your a sicko!!!! hahahahahahahahaha!!!! funny stuff, but not for me. i dunno wanna be looked at as a possible terrorist threat in this world and be held responsible for any of these actions.

Igor Murdoc

Vote 5 + Buy as a tee, is the only chance for you to escape slavery and become MASTER OF THE UNIVERSE !!! ;-)


OK.I want this on a tee shirt.Now!


i dont think ull be allowed to say 007 as ur label? idk how strict the copywrite stuff is but ull probably have to change it to secret agent or somthin.

BlueLobster profile pic Alumni

SniffIts beautiful


I Want This Shirt NOW ! not i a few months NOW !
I Voted $$


niak niak awesome, good work master!

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

I see nothing going wrong with this well-thought-out plan...

actually one of the better all-over-scribble tees. I like the story and simple colors.



oh Igor ! I want to be your slave! Hit me master, one more time!


this is mad! love it! :)


love the tone and manner

Igor Murdoc

Thanks a lot, I really appréciate !

snow day.

would like to see it on a tee, but otherwise pretty good :)


I love the way it is not a great illustration- like some evil 3rd grader made it-

downplayed design and originality and humor = 4


Would eat my underwear for it!!! AWESOME


sweet as a poster, but i think it would attractive too many uncomfortably long stares from strangers on a tee


I love the hand-drawn scribble feel and the unabashed "I'm taking over the world" attitude. Nice work!

Santo76 profile pic Alumni

If threadless doesn't print this one you will be able to do it once you rule the universe :P


is it just me or is this a mix between sponge bob square pants' plankton and austin powers' dr.evil?


Great! Evil, really evial, muahahahahahahahahaha, five dollars!

Igor Murdoc

Thanks again, I hope Threadless will appreciate as much as you do :-)

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