Inside my brain

  • by Kcarl
  • posted Feb 05, 2009

see what's inside my nerve...

Watch this

see what's inside my nerve...


thats so effin amazing good job i hope your shirts get printed
best of luck!


not in love with the comic sans... but very cute!!

Casey Laws Lapin

I like the concept, just needs a few tweaks. Should probably just be "sex" in all lowercase versus "SEXy". Also, the text needs to all be on the same angle. "family and lovers" is awkward on a different tilt. I'd prefer a grey shirt.


like the evil plans, but i cant where it with the sexy and money


I don't like the yellow friends (hard to read), or the sex. change the shirt color, make the writing same angles. and maybe add television or food
besides all that, I think its cool.


I love it but I think it would be better if the tilt was different. But I have OCD so IDK. Maybe iss just me. lol And the SEXy is weird too, maybe just sex in lowercase?

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