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Do you feel that having an updated percentage of the votes that a slogan is getting is a good thing? I think that it skews the voting making the first few votes crucial. If a person has a high score then on some level I think that the voters will want to like it or give it a better score or at least a benefit of the doubt to find a way to like it. And in turn they will also look at a slogan with a low score and tend to vote it down or find it much easier to vote it down. I feel it is similar to seeing polling numbers during an election or seeing results from states and people like to vote for the winner to say they are on the winning side. It sounds stupid but any good campaign manager will tell you that it is very important to get positive poll numbers out in any way shape or form to keep people voting for you. I am not saying that people don’t know how to make up their mind or are lemmings that just follow the crowd, I am saying that on some level I feel the percentage skews the numbers and gives you higher totals or lower totals due to peoples need to be on the right side. I would just like to know your thoughts on the subject.

Ultimately I think that a good slogan is a good slogan and a bad slogan is a bad slogan ( I have plenty of the latter) but I do feel that some scores would change if the percentage was not always on top and easy to see.

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Dude, I'm totally with you on this. In an earlier blog I made which has a ton of ideas on how to improve the type tee section of Threadless from both myself and lots of fellow sloganeers of this place, one of the first things I mentioned was doing away with the percentage of people who like it seen by anyone but Threadless and the person who has made the slogan. There is NO reason for anyone else to see the numbers, and I agree with you this has a place in some slogans that are very good getting a bad start and then snowballing from that, and slogans that have a huge percentage might make some people inclined to vote yes anyway even if they don't understand it. Like you said, many MANY slogans that are in the 60's and 70 percentiles on this site I agree with being stellar slogans, but there's no need to have the bias of a viewable slogan percentage to the voting public.

Threadless responded to the blog and agreed with this point, so let's hope sooner than soon it is remedied and we can have a percentage free voting experience!

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good idea FA! at the same time though, I know a bunch of people with a few rare slogans (2-3) in a ton of crap slogans (20+). I usually skip all their 20%s and find the ones above 50% to vote on. I'm definitely less likely to stick around to read them all than to just see the percents, if they're taken away.

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I agree if only for consistency within Threadless - designs' scores aren't shown during voting so why are slogans'?


i agree as well.

i have another question though... for the Threadless staff, or for users in the know -- for the slogans that actually get printed, what is the general range as far as percentage vs. how many people see it / vote? i just kinda got back into this after not submitting any slogans for a very long time. my couple of old ones that are still in the running have like 200 votes apiece but only about 25% approval or less. a couple of my new ones are 50-65% but with only 20 or so people voting thus far. just wondering when i can start getting excited about any of them.

thanks! =)

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That's why you go vote it up with all your fake accounts real quick, duh.

I mean um, what?

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