If you're gonna catch a 21st century mouse, you're gonna need modern bait.

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Ministry of stock 2

If you're gonna catch a 21st century mouse, you're gonna need modern bait.

percy b

cute! nice concept, illustration, and colors


Is this a Ps2 or Usb mouse? Kidding! luv it dude!

Bio-bot 9000
Bio-bot 9000 profile pic Alumni


But NEEDS to be on the chest.


i agree, it would look better on the chest. but nice idea!

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

Yeah, chest print for sure, and a really nice one color design, very realistically drawn. I'd like a piece of regular cheese though on the mousetrap just to give it an even goofier, classic feel.

Ministry of stock 2

OK, maybe I should have gone for a chest placement, but I kinda liked the composition of the whole shirt with it bottom left. And (FRICKINAWESOME) I absolutely wanted a realistic look so I set the whole scene up, complete with trap, chip and mouse and even made a cardboard wall & skirting board to take photos of first. Glad you appreciated all my efforts!


AMAZING PIECE OF WORK!!! Everything just fits... I love it, really!

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I love the placement as is. 5$


Another nice one, good work Ian.


I would prefer center placement, great job! 5$

Krimson profile pic Alumni

Chest print for sure, and maybe use a pixel grad. rather than the circle of wallpaper.

All in all, a solid design.


I really like this design, but i feel that the oval is a little limiting


tyte concept. design needs to be higher and a different shirt color for sure


The concept is awesome, i Agree with morninglory... and I'add a little contrast on the lines... ill give it a 4


DIP ICs are so 20th Century, though! ^_^

Nice work, nonetheless.

Ministry of stock 2

Aww, c'mon asfi235, who's gonna recognise an SMT or BGA chip?!


Hmm, that's very cute, but I don't think a computer mouse would really go for a computer chip. Sorry, just doesn't seem real enough for me :(

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