blooming deer

  • by alvarejo
  • posted Feb 03, 2009

first rough composition of what i have in mind. A deer made of trees, bark and branches with blooming flowers all over the branches, let me know whkat ya think.

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alvarejo profile pic Alumni

first rough composition of what i have in mind. A deer made of trees, bark and branches with blooming flowers all over the branches, let me know whkat ya think.


you know i actually like how the colour bleeds out and over the outlines.maybe let people view it as a shirt, so we can get an idea of where its positioned.
please comment on mine "romulus". im stuck


thanks! they wont let me print the sleeves or collar like that, any other suggestions???
by the way i had a squiz at your other works...weekend with dad is fucking cute!


I like this a lot, maybe change they way the flowers are added into this image. The photo cut outs (i think they are if I'm wrong correct me) Arnt adding to how organic the rest of the drawing is.

The deer is great as well i love the whole concept.

I'm instead to see how this will be placed on the T-shirt. Personal suggestion would be lower right. But that's just moi!

alvarejo profile pic Alumni

this is only a rough skecth for the idea. evrything will then be hand drwan with lots of details


i personally like the cut out flowers. adds contrast.

empiricist profile pic Alumni

Personally I would like to see the entire deer. Other then that I like the style and colors!

Nerdimus Prime

I don't think the bird is really needed, but since it is just a rough sketch it is hard to imagine what the bird would look like in the end. Also have you considered if there is going to be any kind of background?


I like the idea! I can't wait to see your more detailed drafts. I'll be watching this one!


I really like this style of watercolor-ish color over linework; is that what you plan to stay with or will it be more detailed? I really like the concept and idea a LOT and agree that seeing the entire deer would be awesome. I'm definitely going to keep an eye on this one. :)

alvarejo profile pic Alumni

it will be very detailed, and yes, i will draw the entire deer. Thanks for the input ;)

alexmdc profile pic Alumni

father nature's pet? ummmm sorry no suggestions right now, Ill check it out when its further down the processs, I would say add the whole body etc but you're already doing that

alvarejo profile pic Alumni

it is much too similar to Topiary, so i think i0ll throw this ti the trash. Damned subconcious mind! :P


Oh, man! I had forgotten all about valorandvellum's sub. :(

alvarejo profile pic Alumni

no man, thank! it was for the better. I subconsiusly copied it. I'll make a real deer jumping and from his horns a tree will form, trying to do this drawing as epic as i can jaja


I definitely don't think it should be thrown in the can; it could stand on its own... it just needs to be different from the previous sub... right? So maybe NOT drawing the whole deer; leave it kind of like it is, and use a bottom placement. The focus would be more on the head and antlers. I think you can do this and make it work fine!!!


Oops; posted too soon! LOL


I really like this! Very cool!! you are very talented! the colors work great together.

Ivantobealone profile pic Alumni

This could work for the loves green competition, it's a lovely idea


This an amazing design. I love the coloring and how you "captured" the posture of the deer. I would suggest making the flowers a tad more "sketchy". Its great work overall.


i really like it!

kidloko profile pic Alumni

Hmm too bad men,


I'd move the bird up to the antlers


ooh, i like it! have you subbed this yet?


one little thought... that branch on the neck... i'm sort thinking move the bird to the antlers and nix that little stick in the neck maybe?


Me encanta como se ve esto, creo que puede resultar en un diseño genial.

Definitivamente creo que deberias hacerlo bien "rough", con los colores que se salen de las líneas y eso, porque le dá un lindo toque y aporta a lo natural del diseño.

Saludos y suerte ;)


So... whats up alvarejo? Keep this up, I want to see this design printed darn it!

PS: simcha123456... could you quit spamming every single thing you see? Thanks.


love it! has an anthropologie feeling to it


I think this is really cool just the way it is, it different from anything else, a final version would be great to see, in all its detail and everything, This is a fantastic idea

bt_cruiser02 profile pic Alumni

I love the idea! I don't have any suggestions yet. I look forward to seeing how this design progresses.

Could you comment and vote on the design I submitted for voting? WILD mid-WEST


this is very nice! the colors and coloring are both great! i would like to see the placement, and also, maybe darken the line art...

Please help me out and rate my design: Killer B


Yeah, can you show few tee template? the idea is fun and creative. I need your comment,too.

Ian-S profile pic Alumni

I'm liking this a lot. How's the next version coming along?

Check it out!

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