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Constructive feedback wanted.

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Constructive feedback wanted.


its quite interesting. I find that there are various white spots on the cone, especially where the black lines overlap the cone. Its really good! btw thanks for commenting on mine!


i really like the little bear, although agree with the comment above about the white spots!


I did the white spots intentionally to make it look patchy, they're on the earth as well. I'll touch them up and post an alternate edition.


This is definitely a good start, but it looks a lazy at the moment. Clean up the style and add detail or simplify. Give it a definitive artistic style.

Also, I don't think that the cone needs to be so huge. It might be nice if the globe were tilted on its axis to where Antarctica was the thing that was melting first so that the polar bear would have more to care about.

Thanks for commenting on mine.


like the concept. try to work out the melting globe.. make the cone smaller.... like the bear..:)

Please feel free to crit mine :)
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agreed with the above.

i think though that you should ditch the polar bear though. i know it has to do with the melting and such, but it doesnt have enough "umph".

unless you utilize the bear more. hows about a sad polar bear holding the melting earth ice cream.
or even better, the earth ice cream on the ground with the sad polar bear, like it fell out of his cone. then that would be interesting :]


you could try to show the polar bear mealting to show that like with antartica going so are the polar bears just an idea yea more work on it i think its good though


Really likethe concept. Maybe really make a point of the globe melting...extreme like..


Like the concept a lot also, really easy to understand, clean up your style though, it looks sloppy make it take less realistate of the shirt. Also the colors are to pastely makes it look like baby clothes or something in my opinion.

Mine too 0.0


thanks for your comments. I took many into consideration.


This is a really nice-looking design. I think you should make the whole Earth-melting-like-a-scoop-of-ice-cream thing a lot more exaggerated; right now there's just a little bit of Earth dripping down, although the cone helps get the idea across. I like the minimalist polar bear, but you may want to give it a little more work to get some more emotion out of it.

Also my first reaction to the art was that the Earth and cone are very dark in contrast to the shirt, and won't stand out very much. Keep working on this, though, I like the idea.

Oh yeah I almost forgot -- what the heck is the stick thing poking through the Earth?


If the earth is on an ice cream cone, is the bear floating in space?


He should have a space suit.


man without a country feel, i like that idea


the idea is great... I like v.1 a bit more though.
I would lose the toothpick thing, and maybe give the polar bear a shadow or something. I love the overall idea.


What a cool concept. Very clever and simple. I like it.


I like the texture but I think it could do without the compass


looking good so far. maybe get a blue and green puddle on the ground and maybe even get some drops on the bear as well.


wow you actually created a sense of worry for the polar bear
very well done
cool looking melting world
yeah i agree it could do without the compass
thanks for the comment


yeah, i didn't like the compass either, but a lot of people were complaining about not knowing what the axis (pointy thing) was

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I actually like the compass, but either way it's cool. The cone looks a little flat to me. I know it's part of the simple style of it, but maybe the lines on it could be a little curved. Nice work though :)

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south pole should be white too, and the cone should have more squares, tiny squares...


i think it could do without the compass in the middle.

i like the drips at the bottom..try to make the continents more drippy?

something very picky: the shadow does not really match the orientation of the cone. according to the shadow i think the tip of the cone needs to be receding.


make the shadow fade a bit. use gaussian blur and i think you should change the way the colours are. like, i think they're a bit too dark. i like it, though. (:

gero the bridge builder

i thought the south point on the compass was a mountain or something. it would be great without the compass points

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