An 8 color print including black and white.

Watch this

Has a really nice decorative quality and looks great on the T! $5


ah why so small -- I want to see more!


I wanted to see more too... But it´s great anyway!

Check out my slogans if you got time


This would be a great shirt to wear as club attire or to a party if the design was bigger and possible leaked into the shoulders a bit, love the concept though.


I agree with making it larger, totally would wear it to go clubbing.


interesting design, seems to combine old myth stuff(looks like an old indian god) with modern elements(hands holds mobile, lounge drink,...) impressing and fitting colors: good and inspired artwork, gives my mind a kick.

if i wear it, i would prefer it on a black shirt.


I am kinda over using Ganesha as a design.

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